"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

Monday, February 21, 2011


We are in Houston, and we are slowly getting around to contacting everyone.  I can’t believe how much there is to get done.  I spent the day at Ikea getting things for our apartment in Novo.  As I mentioned before, there is an Ikea nearby, and it has similar and/or identical things, but it is not a full Ikea so they have a much bigger selection here.  Plus everything here is cheaper, although the Ikea is Russia is not what I would call expensive.  Cookie and Pawpaw met Isla and me and I had the best time with them!  We love them bunches.

I have received this lay out of our apartment, and its already furnished, so mostly I have been picking up odds and ends to maximize storage.  I hope its ok to make this available on the world wide web! :)  Its only two bedrooms, but it is over 1400 square feet, which is pretty big.

Sverdlova st

Its funny because before, every time we have moved, I have really taken my time getting new things and setting up house.  With this place, we haven’t even moved in and I am trying to plan ahead and think of everything we might possibly ever want while we are there.  I know part of it is just grabbing onto something I can control and run with it since I feel kind of discombobulated about this move, but I do think its important to get us as settled as soon as possible, especially for Isla.

Its so funny all of the comments that we have received about being so brave and adventurous, which I find hilarious!  Nick and I were reading Romans 15:20 together “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation,” and laughing our booties off… Paul was courageous!  We couldn’t even imagine being so passionate about sharing Christ with the lost that we only wanted to be the first somewhere.  Paul was so dependent on the King of Kings that nothing fazed him.  We on the other hand, would never have dreamed about really following God’s command to “GO FORTH” without the full power of Big Oil Co behind us, giving us a nice furnished apartment and all of the amenities that go with it.  I am getting anxious over not being able to pick out my own sofa, such a small thing… so brave I would not call myself!  I do pray though, constantly, that God would use us in Novo for His Glory.  We have such a heart for the lost and those who have never even heard of Jesus Christ… where would I be without Him?  And I have to remember that God can use even me… ME!

I found a couple of things that I think are kind of cool and it cheers me up to think about putting them in our new apartment!

I found this in Sky Mall of all places, and I can’t wait to put it in our entry.  Everyone takes off their shoes there and this way they won’t get scattered all over the entry way floor or thrown one on top of the other in bins.  This will be perfect for shoes and places for people to leave there hats and coats!  Plus people can sit on the bench to take off their shoes… perfect :).  I love gadgety things.

shelve 203364756d

I bought an island for our kitchen since from what I can tell and have seen in other apartments, I will literally have one 2.5’ x 2.5’ area for food prep.  They were out of stock of the one that I wanted, but I am taking it as a sign that this is the one that I am supposed to have.  Some of my fellow bloggers may recognize this one. :)

stenstorp-kitchen-island-white-oak__73857_PE190636_S4I am really excited to fix up Isla’s room in Novo too!  When I was pregnant with Isla, I was all set to buy a very nice set of furniture from Pottery Barn Kids or The Land of Nod.  I had saved my money and everything, but at the last minute, if you’ll remember, I decided to get a used set off of Craigslist.  Call it providence because it worked out perfectly since I would not have been able to or wanted to take really nice furniture to Russia, so it would have been wasted.  I am buying Isla a cheap crib from Ikea (the Gulliver crib) and it fits just perfectly in our air shipment so she won’t be long without a crib.  Ikea things ship so well!  Plus its neutral and small so I think it will fit in with whatever furniture we already have.  They did have a Gulliver crib in the Russian Ikea; it looked identical to the American one, but it is much smaller as it is designed to European standards.

Probably the thing that disappoints me the most is that I had planned to buy this Expedit bookcase with 25 cubes (my heart by still – ALL THAT TOY STORAGE!!!).  I have been eyeballing it for a couple of months now because I want to use it as room divider in Isla’s room to separate her sleeping area from her play area (AREA not SPACE :p).  They had it in stock as recently as a couple of weeks ago, but when we got there, we found out that they won’t have it for the next couple of months because they are redesigning it or something.  I ended up getting the 4x4 or 16 cube bookcase for a total loss of 9 storage cubes.  Its such a silly thing to be peeved over, so again, I am taking it as a sign that this is the bookcase that I am meant to have :).

expedit-bookcase-white__0092718_PE229441_S4 I am getting really excited about rearranging our apartment and making it our own and making it nice and “homey”.  It warms my heart to think of it;  God is so good to me, even when I am trying to desperately cling to anything but Him, He is still so gracious.  I know I sometimes sound like I don’t feel this way, but I am so excited to see what adventures He has planned for us!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our House: The Living Room

Welcome to my favorite view in all of the house!  The only thing missing is my little girl sitting on her Daddy’s lap… oh and the floor covered in Isla’s toys.  DSC_0523This is one of those rooms that I never really had a plan for, but I love the way it came together, although I definitely consider it a work in progress and I had a lot of ideas for how I wanted to change it in the future. I bought the couch from Gallery Furniture (shout out to H-town!), and it is the most comfortable couch in the world.  Of all of my furniture that I am sad about not taking, this is the one I will miss the most.  I keep thinking that if I could just bring it with me, then our apartment in Novo would really feel like home.  I am not going to do that though.  We have been given a perfectly beautiful furnished apartment in Novo, and I am intentionally trusting God that everything will be awesome!

I bought the pillows from the Restoration Hardware outlet in San Marcos.  If you have never gone, you really should.  Oh and did I mention that there is a POTTERY BARN OUTLET!  Its huge and you can find the best things for much cheaper than in the stores, and for ridiculously cheap if you are willing to dig. My mom has found some amazing things there for so cheap.  The pictures are from Venezuela where I lived for 4 years in Junior High and most of High School.  The pictures and pillows are going with me!

I filled the bookcase with books that are going with me to Russia.  I think I need to cull it down a little bit because there were too many that I couldn’t part with.  I am tempted to invest in a Nook because it would cut down on my limited space in Novo and it would be great for travel… but I don’t know if I will be able to do it.  I’ve always had this weird fear that all of the books in the world and their knowledge will suddenly get wiped out, like when the Library of Alexandria burned down, but then I am comforted by the fact that my books will remain!  I find having hard copies very comforting.  I could always get e-versions and then only get hard copies of the books I really love.  We will have to see.

DSC_0527When we originally bought the house it was carpeted.  Nick and his dad laid the hardwoods down and I think that they are beautiful.  I only wish that we had carried them throughout the entire house instead of the study, living room and hallway. 

Our TV stand is just a very pretty desk that I bought when the room was blue so it didn’t blend in so much.  It doesn’t look quite so blended when you are actually in the room. I know I need to figure out what to do with the cords… I got the idea off of a commercial.  There was a TV perched so pretty on a little table, the only trouble is that is was a prop TV that probably couldn’t even be turned on, so NO CORDS. Grrr.  That is normally where Isla’s toys go, under the table in little canvas bins.  They are in her room right now though.  It has been dismantled and it is our designated “To Russia” room.  Everything else is “To Storage”.

My next project was going to be working on the wall pictures.  I was going to move the two Venezuela pictures on the left above the TV (and hopefully get Nick to make frames for them), and then make the big wall exclusively for our Simply Joy photos!  It would have been pretty. :/


We also originally painted the entire room a bright blue.  I thought it looked like a very old fashioned color, but when it came down to it it was too hard to match things to.  I am still not sure what made me go with white, but I LOVE it.  I absolutely love it.  To me, the wrought iron wall decoration against the white wall is perfection.

DSC_0530Finally there is our fireplace.  I was sort of experimenting with what goes up on the mantel, but I love the accent wall!  And I love, love the picture frame. It is so pretty and ornate; its made from wood with roses carved into it – its very old fashioned looking.  I found it at an antique store in Covington last summer, and I wanted to put a nice family picture in there.  I have one of Isla that would be perfect, but it just feels wrong putting a HUGE, GIANT picture of Isla up when we don’t even have a good family picture.  We try not to be allll about Isla, even though its hard sometimes.  She is so cute! Once I get I good family picture, then it is going into that frame.  In the meantime, I thought it looked beautiful just sitting on the mantel.DSC_0532That’s our living room!  Nick and I always tried to follow the rule that there was no need to furnish every room just because we had it so we had a lot of rooms empty for the first several years we were in the this house.  It is still filled with a lot of hand-me-downs, but the things that we have bought I am completely in love with.  This room (and the kitchen nook – we don’t have a dining area) are filled with my most favorite things!  I am going to miss the ones that I have to leave, but I can still bring some of them with me, and I am going to make our apartment in Novo absolutely fabulous!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Belated Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day this year was very low-key… why you ask?  Because everyone was sick! Isla got sick first, then me, then Nick, and finally my mom.  At first I was tickled that I got to be sick and have Nick and my mom wait on me hand and foot, but then they got sick so it was me taking care of both of them plus Isla!  I did my best though.  I felt so bad for them, and Nick had to postpone his first day in the Houston office in his new position because of it (he’s working with his team there until his visa gets cleared for Russia).  I think he got it worse than anyone.

Valentine’s Day morning Nick and I were laying in bed half asleep (we were exhausted) and I said “Happy Valentine’s day honey, I was going to get you something, but then I got sick, then I was going to make you something, but then you got sick!”

In the end, my mom was feeling better and up for going out and Nick was ok to be left alone, so my mom and I ran some errands.  I bought Nick some comfy slippers to wear in Russia.  They will come in handy for several reasons (I typically make a mental bulleted list before any purchase, no matter how small):

  • They will keep his feet warm in the cold.
  • The have memory foam which will be so comfortable on all wood/tile floors of our apartment.
  • Everyone takes off their shoes and puts on slippers (or nothing) when they go into anyone’s home, and I think that we need to adopt that custom in our own home so that we don’t forget when we go to other people’s home.  I already repeatedly made the faux pas in the short 4 days we spent in Russia before!

Wait, I lied, not all presents get a mental bulleted list!  Some are just so ridiculously cute, my girly instincts take over and the engineer in my head goes silent.  I bought Nick a book from Isla called I Lost My Kisses, and it is seriously my new favorite children’s book.  It is the perfect present for a little girl to give to her Daddy on Valentine’s Day!  As soon as I saw it, I had to get it.

We had Nick sit in the glider and close his eyes while Isla handed him his book, and I put on his slippers.  Stage Cookie made sure to capture the moment!  Here I am reading the book to Nick and Isla… she is mostly interested in her snow globe though :).

DSC_0455 I love that she has something of mine to play with.  She really seems attached to it!DSC_0458

Isla also received cards from her Mema and Papa and cards and a book from her Boo and Grandpa… best of all, it was a lift the flap type book!  Both the book and the cards were a big hit.

DSC_0427 DSC_0433

DSC_0441Nick and I decided to go out for a quick belated Valentine’s Day lunch this afternoon, and when we got home we couldn’t find my mom or Isla.  I heard my mom calling from outside and I walked out to find this:

DSC_0515 My mother had stripped Isla buck naked and was outside taking pictures of her!  Stage Cookie has NO SHAME. :)  I laughed until I about died.  My mom’s excuse “I changed her diaper and I noticed that she was getting a little bit red, so I decided to let her air out… since we were outside I figured that I might as well take some pictures of her!”

Of course, what could be more logical?

She did get some cute ones.  What can I say?  I love a cute, little, fat naked baby!  She is just precious.

DSC_0487 DSC_0512Nick and I don’t normally do much for Valentine’s Day… I honestly can’t remember the last time we did anything big, but this one was a lot of fun and one that I will treasure up for a very long time.


Isla Frances Is 10 (and 9) Months Old!

Happy Birthday Little Bitty Frances!

How is it that my cutie pie is 10 months old?


How I ask you?


Its shocking!


So I intentionally skipped Isla’s 9 month birthday.  We got home so late after her birthday and then I thought… I might as well wait until her 9 month check up… and then that came and went and I thought… ahhh, what the heck, I might as well wait until she is 10 months!  I am giving myself a pass on some things these days.

Her biggest 9 month milestone was that she started clapping on 12/28/2010!!! I had been working with her for a while, but she wouldn’t do it for me.  10 minutes with Cookie playing patty-cake and she was clapping.  I love it when she claps, she is so cute!



Isla is eating a lot of foods now and she seems to enjoy eating, and has even taken to meats really well!  I absolutely love thinking of new things to give her and make for her to tempt her little palate.  I have really been working on making recipes at home that we can all eat, Isla with only a slight modification.  It will be interesting seeing if she stays such a good eater once we arrive in Russia.

I am always looking for new finger foods to try!

She has started smacking her gums when I do and make yum yum sounds, and she always wants to share her food with me.  She gets a big kick out of it.

She nurses at 7, 11, 3 and 7 again, with meals at 7:15, 3:15 and 6ish.  I give her a little snack after her 3 o’clock nursing period.


Isla loves to clap!  She now claps when I sing “If you’re happy and you know it!” and when Cookie says “Pattycake”.

She always wants to crawl into any small, tight space, and she loves to crawl under and over things!  Its so funny the spaces that she fits into.  She has crawled in between the two armchairs at my parents house and under her activity table on its lowest setting.  She loves to crawl all over her Daddy.

She loves to play housekeeping, and she will open and shut anything that can be open and shut!  She has a Fisher Price refrigerator and she will open and shut that for hours.

She will hug anything soft and cling to it.  It is precious.  She loves to pick up soft things and then suck her thumb.

DSC_0239 DSC_0240

She is saying bye-bye, Mama, Dada.

She mimics kissing, smacking, eating.  I am working to get her to blow kisses but she just looks at me funny.

She is not close to walking, and she can take her time for all that I care.  I have been letting her go without shoes and socks.  Someone recommended that I try that so that she could get a better grip on the floor.  That is completely against my nature since my dad would freak out if we didn’t wear socks around the house and he engrained that in me.  As a tiny, helpless newborn especially I just couldn’t rest until I had socks or something covering her feet.  She’s a little older now, and more independent so I don’t feel as bad.  I have just started keeping the house warmer and Isla seems to love getting around on bare feet!

She loves her Little Hands Love book and her Dear Zoo book!  I have been looking for more lift the flap and texture books.  When we read Dear Zoo, I make the animal noises and I am trying to teach her to do them too!

She is getting much better about communicating her likes/dislikes.  The other day I put two of her stuffed animals up on her quilt rack because it was close to nap time and those were kind of noisy. She crawled right over to me, held her arms to be picked up and then pointed to the stuffed animals!

She loves snow globes!  My mom brought an old Cinderella snow globe that I put by her bedside table.  She will squeal and squeal at bed/nap times and turning it on and watching the glitter is her favorite part of her bedtime routine.


She is sleeping great through the night.  I had to let her CIO a few times.  She seemed fine once we got back from Russia and Disney and got right back into this time zone, but then all of a sudden about a week later, she just stopped sleeping through the night and did NOT want to go down for her naps even though she was exhausted, and no amount of my help seemed to be working.  Finally I decided that she needed to take that last step on her own and CIO, and she is doing much better.  She sleeps roughly 12 to 13 hours per night.  Her naps could be much better, but I am ok with the amount that she sleeps… probably between 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day.  I am going to consider testing out one nap a day when we get to Russia since both her afternoon and morning nap seem to be getting pretty short.  We will just have to play it by ear.

We have also been loading her up on bedtime comfort items!  She has a blanket, a lovie, her Sleep Sheep, her Glow worm and her Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Lullaby Soother.  I am hoping that no matter where she is, and what bed she is in, she will see those and feel comforted over the next few months.


Isla still just has her bottom teeth!

We love Isla more than anything in the world!  Watching her grow and explore and interacting with her is the most fun that I have ever had, and I am so thankful for my girl.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our House: Isla’s Room

So Cookie is visiting this week, and just in time too!  Isla and I picked the perfect time to get a stomach virus, on a Thursday night, with Cookie coming the next day!  She has been taking good care of the both of us, and has also been getting a TON of things done.  We are in the process of trying to sell a bunch of things on Craigslist, but before we can do that, Stage Cookie has to stage the house (ie make it look like tidy, organized people live here) and take pictures so that we can always have a way of remembering the first house we owned and the house we brought Isla home to!

Ladies and gents, without further ado, I give you… Isla’s room!


DSC_0313  DSC_0315 DSC_0319 DSC_0322 DSC_0323I hate to sound ungrateful… usually when I put a sentence in my blog that starts with “I hate to sound ungrateful” I end up deleting it because hello… why should I whine when my life is so blessed?  But I am really ready to redo Isla’s room even though I feel like her nursery is beautiful.  The hardest part of not knowing if Isla was a boy or a girl was not getting to do a girly-girl or full-on boy nursery, and now that I have a girl, I am in yellow and green overload… seriously I cannot take those yellow walls much longer (I was going for cream, and the color was called “Cottage Cream”, its a very pretty YELLOW, not CREAM)!!!  It didn’t bother me so much when I thought I would be able to do Isla’s big girl room in pink, once baby number 2 came along, but now that we are moving, I have had to regroup since her new room will be her nursery, her big girl room, next baby’s nursery and guest room.

For her bedroom in Russia, I am redoing it in the Pottery Barn Kids “Brooke” theme.  Its owls, which I love (they are all the rage now, which is awesome because I actually feel like a trendsetter (for once) since I have loved owl things for such a long time), and I feel like it could work for a girl and a boy, since the primary colors are blue and green, and also an older child too.  Her nursery right now is ALLLLL baby.  Its not the girly pink that I’ve always envisioned, but it will be so cute!  I wish that I was talented enough to make her new bedding (seriously, HATS OFF to you mamas who make everything for your babies nurseries!), but I think that this will be pretty cute!

Potter Barn Kids Brooke Bedding Collection

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delightful Monotony

My precious daughter and her precious Daddy!  I love them both so much.

This reminds me of my favorite GK Chesterton quote:

“Because children have abounding vitality, because they are in spirit fierce and free, therefore they want things repeated and unchanged. They always say, “Do it again”; and the grown-up person does it again until he is nearly dead. For grown-up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony. But perhaps God is strong enough… It is possible that God says every morning, “Do it again,” to the sun; and every evening, “Do it again,” to the moon. It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike: it may be that God makes every daisy separately, but has never got tired of making them. It may be that He has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we…”

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Match Made in Pen Pal Heaven!

Today was one of those cool and special days that I will treasure for a long time because I got to hang out with my pen pal! 

I met Kelly at the wedding of a mutual friend (Krista of Borchard Bliss) in early 2008.  After that, I would occasionally ask Krista about Kelly and how she was doing.  About the time I was expecting Isla, Krista told me that Kelly and her husband Matthew were expect their first baby and were also waiting to find out the sex, which I thought was so cool and unusual.  Since I am a total blog stalker, I found Kelly’s blog (Keeping Up With The Grant Gang) off of Krista’s blog, and proceeded to blog stalk her!  I eventually made contact and we became Facebook friends.  After the birth of our daughters two weeks apart, we found out that we were both doing the Babywise series of books, and we started sending each other messages on our walls about how it was going, which evolved to sending Facebook messages, which evolved to sending emails, which evolved to sending text messages, which evolved to texting each other every hour upon the hour about how the girls were doing in their day and their routine.  There is no way I would have made it this far in breastfeeding or gotten over some of the big baby/routine hurdles without Kelly’s constant support and encouragement.  She is a wonderful friend to have in your corner!

Kelly has family in Mississippi, and she decided to come over and pay me a visit when she was visiting them!  I am so glad she did because I don’t know when else I will get to see her again since we will be moving so far and I don’t know if we will move back to LA after Russia.  I guess I will just have to make a visit to DC!

I wanted Isla to wear the bow and hat that Kelly bought her so she could see her in it… unfortunately it didn’t last until Kelly and Addison :(.


Isla waiting for her pen pal Addison to show up!

DSC_0216They arrive and lucky me!  I get to hold them both first.  They were not sure what to think of one another.DSC_0225

Kelly holding the girls.  She is so good at interacting with the babies and she has taught Addison to do so many things (I need to get on the ball!).  Addison can say her name, she can say Isla’s name, she can blow kisses, and whenever you tell her to give something sugar she gives BIG kisses!  She is so cute.

AJ is so cute Love Say “ahhhhhhhhh”.  I love this picture of Addison and Isla.Cutest BabiesSadly, the girls did not play together as well as I thought they would.  I am so worried that Isla is going to be a bully.  Just the other day at Avery’s birthday party I was thinking that she was so sweet with other kids and babies and shared so well already, but then all of a sudden she got so territorial with AJ!  I do think this picture is hilarious; it cracks me up.  Addison is such a sweet baby, I am so sad that she cried.Best Friends HA

The girls played better when they had their own personal space!Plays SweetWe spent all day chatting and cooking up a special meal for our baby/kid food making blog, Little Tummy Yummies (post coming later), but all too soon it was time for everyone to go.  We had to get Nick to take a group shop.Good All 2 Isn’t Kelly beautiful?  I love her straight, shiny hair!!!Good of All Isla checking out Addison.  They warmed up to one another by the end of night.Cutie Pies

So Sweet

Addison even gave Isla some sugar!  She is so sweet.


God has the most amazing way of putting people in our lives at the exact right time, and I am so thankful for Kelly and Addison… I can’t wait to see how our friendship and pen pal-ship grows in the coming years!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Do It Delicious!

I am so excited.  Jessica Seinfeld has a food blog :).  I know I don’t usually like celebrities, but I love her cook books and I like her.  Normally I feel like gazillionaire celebrities try (and fail) to connect with regular joes like me or I secretly think that they hire someone to make it sound like they get my problems.  BUT after reading through all of her cook books, I feel like they were made for me and she seems really nice and I can’t believe I am saying this… down to earth.

Also, I did say cook books!  She has a second cook book out called Double Delicious that “Nick” (I swear I didn’t buy it, wrap it, write From: Nick on it, and put it under the tree) bought me for Christmas.  I already love it, and the Chicken Enchiladas are the best I have ever had!

Anyway, her blog is called Do It Delicious and you can find the link here.  Its really good and full of great tips, tricks, recipes and even a covert reference to one George Stephanopoulos if you can spot it (in case you ever wondered how he spends his fall vacation)!  I will definitely be checking it often.

New Bow Holders

Thanks to her Mommy’s obsession, Isla has amassed quite a collection of bows and has been running short on bow real estate lately.  I am not too crazy about the bow holders that I made way back in July, and ever since I saw this one, I have wanted to redo them.  Leave it to Ms. Home-Maker to make the prettiest, classiest bow holder that I have ever seen!  I was just not up for making one like that since it involved paint and probably nails.  Too complicated.

Then I saw this fabulous bow holder made by my super awesome Penpal (who is the bestest penpal of all times ever, HA!), and I promptly asked her for instructions on how to make it.  Unfortunately it also called for paint, and I am too stressed right now to deal with paint and the mess that comes with it, but I really liked the way that it eliminated the fabric tail that most bow holders have.  I really hate craft projects; they really stress me out.

So I decided to try making a fabric bow holder, since it meant using already decorated fabric and hot glue!  My kind of project :).  Just add a little batting to make it puff out.

I bought the fabric to coordinate with Isla’s new bedroom.  Her room is getting a makeover since it will have to serve many purposes in our apartment in Russia: her nursery/her big girl room/guest bedroom/(hopefully) shared room with next sibling who could be a boy!

DSC_0195 She has more bows of course, but these were the only ones that were outside her room (she’s asleep so I don’t want to go and get more in case I wake her up).  I will keep these ones around longer than the last bow holders because I tell you what, I am not up for any more craft projects right now!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day In The Life

My friend Che did a day in the life post a few weeks ago, and I thought that it was so fun!  I decided to do one today.  I know my mom and sister will enjoy this immensely!  I would LOVE it if every person who reads my blog would do one.  I am always so curious about what everyone’s days are like and also what their houses are like. 

6:45 – Get out of bed and feel virtuous because I made it up before 7, even though my goal was to be up at 6.  Make the bed and start getting Isla’s breakfast together.

7:00 – Start my quiet prayer time.

7:05 – Nick pops his head in and asks if I can make him a lunch… OOPS!  Forgot about that.  Stop quiet time and make Nick’s lunch, and feel guilty about spending only 5 minutes with God.

7:10 – Nick goes into wake Isla up!  He loves to steal my cuddles :); I love how ready he always is to go and get her.

7:15 – Go in and nurse Isla.  Give Nick a kiss goodbye!

7:30 – Put Isla in her crib for breakfast.  Finish her finger food omelet – egg yolk, spinach and mozzarella cheese!  Steam and puree rest of spinach and store for later use.  Clean up kitchen.  Isla gobbles up her omelet and some pureed prunes.

8:00 – Mommy and Isla time.  Isla and I play in the living room, and I sort of clean up where/when I can during playtime.  Its hard because she’s moving fast and getting brave these days and I can’t take my eyes of her for one second!

8:45 – I notice Isla is getting tired because she starts to only want to play on my lap.  We move playtime into her room to start wind down.  Isla plays with a non-stimulating toy (cloth, non-electronic) and her books.  Finally I read her a few stories, sing her a few songs, we say our nap time prayer and I put her down for her nap.

9:15 – Get into workout cloths and put in the 20 Minute Shred with Jillian Michael’s.

9:40 – Quit the Shred 15 minutes into it, Jillian don’t mess around and that shizzle is hard!  I hop into the shower.  I’m learning to shower fast these days.

9:45 – Get out of the shower.  Isla starts crying, and I leave her to CIO because there is no way she got enough of a nap and normally she will go back to sleep in a few minutes.  I make my lunch and pop in Final Fantasy XIII on my PS3!  I proceed to feel guilty because I have a housekeeper and also waste time playing video games… however I still keep playing.

10:10 – I go in a calm Isla because she is still fussing off and on.  I turn her lamb back on and tell her to go back to sleep (verbally and with sign language).

10:30 – Finish lunch and turn off FFXIII.  Go and get ready some more.

10:45 – Go and get Isla 15 minutes early.  She never really went back to sleep so she is cranky and fussy.  We cuddle and I nurse her, and then I take her out to her high chair for some lunch of avocado finger food and blueberry banana yogurt.  I also grab a cookie for me!

11:10 – I finish getting ready, somehow, someway even though Isla is into my make up, opening and closing anything that will and blocking my view of my mirror.  I somehow, someway manage to get Isla ready even though she has started doing this thing where she tries to eat her foot when I am dressing/changing her, and she screams whenever I have to move it away. :)

11:45 – Get out of Isla’s room and my housekeeper is in the kitchen. We chat about this and that, and I leave to run errands.

12:15 – Jumping jehoshaphats, it is cold!  I visit Hobby Lobby and I spend approximately one nail biting, head scratching hour trying to pick out materials for Isla’s new bow holder, and remember how much I hate crafting and why I never do it.  Isla is loving the soft, instrumental Jesus music that they play at Hobby Lobby and falls fast asleep in her Toro.  I head to Kohl’s to look for an egg timer, and end up walking around for as long as possible so that Isla can at least get one good nap today.

1:45 – Decide to wake Isla so that I can run a few more errands.  She smiles at me so sweet in spite of the fact that it is freezing when I wake her up to put her in her car seat.  I go to the bank to deposit a few checks then run to CVS to pick up a few prescriptions plus cranberry juice.

2:30 – Get home and play with Isla for about 15 minutes.  I nurse her and then get her afternoon snack ready – assorted fruit and grated cheese.  It turns out she really likes kiwi, blueberries and cantaloupe!  I grab a snack of buttered noodles and whip up a batch of cookies from some dough I made yesterday… I don’t want to put down how much of the dough I consumed in writing. :)

3:05 – Nick gets home from work early.  He has agreed to watch Isla while I go and get my hair done.  (I need to point out that this is not a normal occurrence, its mostly because of the move and we are trying to get done as many things as possible in a short amount of time and take appointments when we can). 

3:15 – Head out to the Dry Cleaners and drop off my wedding dress.  I am finally getting it preserved for storage before we move.  I forgot how beautiful it was until the dry cleaning lady takes it out, and I can’t believe I ever fit into it!  I regret the cookies, cookie dough and candy bar I have already consumed today.  I head my hair salon next door.

3:30 – I talk to my hair stylist and we decide to dye my hair a golden brown.  I have never been anything but blonde, but I am excited about it!  Once its done, I LOVE it. Why didn’t I do this 10 years ago when I first started toying around with the idea?

6:00 – Get home and find Isla in the bathtub.  Her dad had fed her a banana, and although he does his best with high chair manners, he is not as skilled as I am and things got a little bit messy.  After her bath I put her back in her high chair to finish off her prunes from this morning.  We all play as a family until 7 when I nurse Isla for the last time.

7:15 – We start Isla’s bedtime routine.  Nick reads Isla a book, and we read her a baby devotional.  Then we pray as as family and put Isla to bed.

7:30 – I make myself dinner, and watch The Simpsons with Nick while I eat.

8:00 – Nick watches Criminal Minds while I work on Isla’s new bow holders.  I finish one of the two… not too shabby if I do say so myself!

9:00 – My friend Jessy from California calls for our weekly chat.  We catch up for about 15 minutes and then I head to the bathroom for a long bath to wind down for the night.  I love long baths!

10:00 – Nick watches Netflixed 30 Rock streaming on our PS3 (I LOVE IT!) while I blog.

11:00 – Its bed time and then I’ll start over again tomorrow!

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