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Saturday, December 24, 2011



Yesterday… I witnessed a miracle.

Remember my post about the littlest seed?  I am going to share a story with you about a BIG seed!  And although yes, it was a big seed, what followed afterwards was nothing less than a miracle!

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Andrea Roberts, the Director of Reece’s Rainbow.

An anonymous donor had given us RR Warriors a “bump” challenge!  Meaning that for every child that we “bumped” up to the $500 category, the donor would then “bump” the child who was next closest to $1000 up to $1000 and help that child meet their Angel Tree goal. And the offer was only good until yesterday at midnight.  We had 10 hours.

I have never understood the term “going viral” until yesterday!  I mean WHOA.  When the challenge was issued, there were still over SIXTY kids who had less than $500 in their angel tree funds, and there were over EIGHTY kids in the $500 to $1000 category.

Someone, probably Sydney Martin because she never forgets WHO we serve, wondered – could we get all SIXTY kids bumped up to $500?  With the matching grant, that meant that we would only need to work to get the funds for 20 or so kids to meet their Angel Tree goal.

Impossible (I thought), no way could we get that many kids bumped up, there were a lot of kids still in the $200 range. 

Impossible – but for GOD.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

Over the next 10 hours I watched in awe as all SIXTY children reached the $500 mark!


I mean I was FREAKING OUT. Every time I refreshed the Angel Tree page I watched another child’s grant jump.  And another's.  And another's!

I have no idea how that much money was raised in such a short time. I only know that God is good.

When I started out as Kai’s warrior – I really only wanted to be Kai’s warrior.  I set aside and saved a large amount of money to give to him at the end.  I wanted him at the TIP TOP of the Angel Tree.  We all know how competitive I can be.

But then you know what?  I started connecting with all of the other Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree Warriors on Facebook, and my heart was changed.  I have found such a treasure in these women and girls.  They have been encouraging and cheering one another on through the past 7 weeks!  They have rejoiced with each precious baby that meets their Angel Tree goal.

One woman even donated $4 to Kai just so that he would move up to the $2500 category.  How sweet is that?  With as much money as he has compared to the other children, it touched my heart.  Just because she couldn’t stand him being right there on the brink of $2500 and NOT be pushed over.

So slowly, slowly, slowly, the big fund that I had set aside for Kai was emptying.  And then it emptied.  And then I had to dig around and find some more pennies and dollars on several occasions.  I just had to help out the Warriors who had been such a wonderful gift to me these past few weeks! And meanwhile, God was taking very good care of my Kai (with a little help from my precious friends Smile).

But we Warriors – we really, really want to see ALL of the Angel Tree babies meet their $1000 goal.

So, for the last 24 hours of my giveaways, I am extending them to ALL Angel Tree babies who have not met their goals.  I was hesitant to do this before, but its Christmas, and I have a feeling that no one will mind me stretching the rules for a good cause!

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Go to Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree HERE.
  2. Select any child UNDER $1000.  Preferably the ones who have the least in their account.
  3. DONATE ANY AMOUNT!  ANY AMOUNT.  Donate $1 to every one. Or $5 to the bottom five. Or $50 to one.
  4. And then go HERE to enter my iPad 2 giveaway and enter a comment stating I donated to (Child’s Name) with your name and contact information.
  5. And then go HERE to enter my 13 Cup Kitchen Aid Food processor giveaway and enter a comment stating I donated to (Child’s Name) with your name and contact information.

You can have a separate entry for each child you donate to!  And the other sharing rules still apply too.

I only have one rule.  PLEASE DO NOT ENTER ON A CHILD THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONATED TO BEFORE DEC 24th.  I cannot enforce this rule, so it’s the honor system!  But the purpose of this is to encourage people to donate to those children who are lagging behind.  I am hoping that this last minute extension will help just a little bit.

Here are some other giveaways that other Warriors doing if you are interested!  Please consider checking them out if you donate.  Even if you do not want an iPad or new Food Processor, you may see something else that you want to win and be encouraged to donate!

Angel Tree giveaways!

And this one isn’t a giveaway, but it is an advocate blog for two little girls who are also on the Angel Tree.  I want to share in case their forever families happen across this!

Blessings to you all.



  1. When this group was started I never thought we would join forces the way we did. We just all started helping each other... it came naturally. This has been one of the best things I've ever been involved in. :)

  2. I agree Stephanie! BTW, I bumped Tomas 3g earlier...a friend left a donation for me to give to whom ever was at the bottom...so he really bumped Tomas...If you enter me in the giveaway,it would really be his should I "win" :-)--DebW

  3. It was SO amazing! Still thinking about how much fun it was seeing all the grants shoot up and refreshing every 2 seconds. and believe it or not, it actually wasn't me who came up with the idea of getting all the kids to $500--pretty sure it was Colleen! I was doubtful, but it happened. also, you're the best & thanks for sharing my giveaway!


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