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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas

Ok, so I have been a bad, bad blogger.  I know that I am going to regret not documenting our trip back to Texas in greater detail, but this has been a very full season in our lives.  It also hasn’t been the happiest season in our lives either – I tend to only like to blog about good things.  Nick and Isla and I are doing wonderful, but there has been a lot of heartache that has touched both of our families and we have been consumed a bit by that.


Some of the heartache isn’t mine to tell, but one thing I would specifically like everyone to pray for is Nick’s grandfather who has suffered from a stroke.  Nick idolizes his Papaw, and we are praying for a full recovery both mentally and physically.  And also for Nick’s grandmother – it is very difficult to watch your husband and best friend of 60+ years go through this.

The Younger Wanns

But – I do love to chronicle our lives on this blog so here are a few of the ups of the past 5 weeks (we head home next Friday).

  • Spending time in Temple with Nick’s mom and dad, especially playing with Isla at the Whistlestop Park!
  • Playing Mexican Train with anyone and everyone who would agree to play with us (I am really good y’all). Nick: QUESTION – Why is the Mexican train black and not brown???
  • Christmas in College Station with my brother and the rest of the family!
  • Nick and mines “parents-only” trip to Phoenix! (more on that later) and Putt-putt golfing.
  • Having Kai reach his Angel Tree goal and also obsessively checking the Angel Tree to see who bumped past their goal!
  • Connecting with all of the other Angel Tree Warriors on Facebook – what a treasure they have been!
  • Meeting up with fellow bloggers and friends, Melissa, Lauren, Adrienne (ok so Adrienne left us but I know she’ll be back!), Jessica, Emily (now Emily… she may not come back!), and Krista!
  • Plus meeting up with other friends who do not blog but not everyone and never for long enough!
  • Finally seeing more of It’s A Wonderful Life than just the end where Zuzu talks about an angel getting his wings.  Its about time considering my original blog name was a pun on the movie… also I am I the only one who found it totally hilarious when the Angel is like “NO! You don’t want to see Mary… she’s… she’s an… an OLD MAID!” An OLD MAID! DEAR GOD NOT THAT!
  • Opening presents on Christmas Eve with just my parents and Nick. It was so nice and peaceful.
  • Isla opening presents Christmas morning – she caught on SO fast.  I was worried she would want to play with the presents she opened, but she just opened one and said “MORE!” and/or “TOYS!” and quickly moved on.  It was so funny. Of course after swearing I would scale back this year, I ended up getting her way too many gifts.  Years of Infertility + Gift-giving as my love language = A mother who goes overboard at Christmas.  It’s just me.  I can’t help it.
  • Isla, getting so grown up and saying SO many words.
  • Celebrating Hallie Irene’s first birthday!  Yes, you heard me right – she is already ONE.
  • Seeing my old boss and friend.
  • Holding my sister’s hand at the Christmas Eve service at church.  I miss her all the time in Russia.
  • Spending time with baby Finn!  He is the best little chunk ever… he’s so good that spending time with him is giving me baby fever!
  • Finding out that Isla and I will get spend over a week in Amsterdam with not only my mom and dad, but my Nana as well!  Poor Nick will have to go to Nigeria Sad smile. He had to get a yellow fever vaccination and will have to take malaria medication, while I will be eating my gouda and smelling tulips.  Doesn’t seem fair.
  • Going to the Sul Ross senior center dance in Waco with Nick’s granny.  We were the youngest couple there by at least 35 years, and they made us come up and hand out door prizes.  Before you laugh – that was the best live music band that I have ever heard, and it was fun – because as I have said before – my husband really KNOWS how to two-step.
  • Going to the Container Store and HEB – not sure why, but those two stores make me happy!  Call them a Texas girl’s Tiffany’s.
  • Watching way too much House Hunters – I do love to make fun of most (not all) the people who go on there (some people are totally unreasonable in their requests).  I have to add the “not all” disclaimer because a certain family I love from Mandeville is going to be on the show! They are in this post HERE.

Its late and that is all that I can think of for now… tomorrow I hope to share more on 2011 and my hopes for 2012.

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