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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Littlest Seed

I wrote that when I started this Adoption Advocacy thing I was clueless… and a little scared. 

The reasons for not doing it seemed very big to me:

  • I have a small audience on my blog and a relatively small “friend” list on Facebook.
  • Who would listen to me since I am not adopting?  All of the other blogs that are making a real difference are done by family’s who have walked the walk, not just talked the talk.
  • I hate asking people for money… won’t people think – if Stori is so passionate about this, then let her donate her own money and not ask for ours!

And there have been times over the past 6 weeks, where I wondered if I was a fool for advocating for Kai and Reece’s Rainbow.

But then last Friday, I received an email that stopped me cold -

Hi, I'm Amy. Just came across your blog. Do you know how long Suzanne has been in the institution? My husband and I have been thinking about adoption - we actually took a 6 week church class learning all about it. Right now we're not on the same page as to "when." But I just had to inquire about Suzanne. If by the grace of God we were chosen to be her family, would it be too late? After all the paperwork and approvals? Right now all we have are passports. I just wanna scoop her up and love on her. Precious. Any info would be appreciated.


She came across my blog.

Please continue to pray for this family as they consider whether or not to bring Suzanne into their family! Doesn’t this beautiful girl deserve a home?  Instead she is in an adult mental institution.  How is it possible that she has been passed over for so long?  Oh Almighty Father, do not let her be moved to the In Loving Memory page on Reece’s Rainbow!


I have read over and over again in the Bible how God takes the tiniest offering and multiplies it into something something so BIG that it can only be called a miracle.

And I am watching it right now.  The work that is being done over at Reece’s Rainbow is being multiplied.  Not just in the USA – but in these children’s home countries as well.  Go the My Family Found Me Page, and you’ll see at least 13 children on there because they were adopted DOMESTICALLY – in countries where adoption is incredibly rare!


God is stirring hearts for the Orphan.

“But You, O God, do see trouble and grief; you consider it to take it in hand. The victim commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless.” Psalm 10:14

Today I was talking to a friend of a friend, who told me that she would love to donate to my cause if she had the money… IF.

I was taken aback a little bit, first because I didn’t bring up the subject, and secondly because who doesn’t have a dollar in the USA?  Or $5.  It doesn’t take much.  Just a little bit given in faith to the One who is able to do more than we could ever ASK or IMAGINE.  To the One who is responsible for miracles!  Not us.  We are not in the miracle business – only He is.

The iPad and Food Processor giveaways are ending in a few days, however, Kai’s Angel Tree fundraiser will continue until December 31st.  Over the next few days, even if you have already given – please consider giving a few more tiny little seeds.

To my Kai.  My advocate work for him will NOT end with the Angel Tree fundraiser.


To Suzanne.

suzanne 2

Or to sweet Spencer.


Then sit back and watch in awe.

Be amazed.


  1. Stopping by to say hi, and thank you for championing these sweetie pies. My husband and I just watched the ABC spotlight on Reeces Rainbow. God is SO GOOD!


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