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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Isla is a Scottish name – it’s a river in Scotland (and I also just found out – a famous whiskey).  The Scottishness of Isla’s name had nothing to do with the why of why we named her.  Its just an extra little tidbit of trivia that I have never really thought that much about it.

When I told people that we were going to Scotland, they all said that we should go and see the River Isla, but I just blew them off.  I didn’t even bother to look up where it was, even though I wanted to do it.  I figured that one of two things would happen 1) it would be too far away and I would be disappointed because we couldn’t see it or 2) it would be close enough, but inconvenient so I would do everything I could do cram it into our already limited free time.

So what happened when we were driving back from Loch Ness was pure magic.  We took a different way back from Loch Ness than the way we had earlier and it was getting dark, and right at twilight as we were crossing a bride, I saw a sign for…


Of course we had to stop.  We had to.

940 (640x412)941 (640x413)

The setting on the banks of the river was so picturesque.  There was a beautiful stone bridge across a shallow, rocky, babbling river.  There was even an old cemetery to the left that you cannot see.947 (640x425)

Standing over the River Isla.

949 (640x414)

Papa and his girl.

958 (640x425)

Me and my baby.

963 (640x424)

This was the BEST part of our trip, for me anyway.

I love my little Scottish lass. Smile

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  1. Love this serendipitous find! :) You guys all look so cute! Can't believe how big Isla is getting! Glad you enjoyed Scotland!

    Also, just read your updated "about me" and "meet the wannderers," so cute, but I think you are a little hard on yourself, and you are a creative writer! :)


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