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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Scotland: The Beginning

So, I am finally getting around to posting about Aberdeen, Scotland…

Nick was in training for the first four days that we were there so we kept it pretty low key on those days.  Monday I just worked on figuring out how to get to downtown Aberdeen from the hotel we stayed at near the airport using the train – in case you haven’t heard, I HATE TRAINS. 

I took our broken iPad in to the Apple Store at Union Square, and I fully expected it to cost $350 to repair, but the guy at the Apple store replaced it for FREE! It was amazing. That guy was a heavily tattooed and pierced angel. We also ate at TGIF – a lot.  Here are Isla and I eating lunch alone.

083 (640x480)

The whole family eating lunch at TGIF later that night.

086 (640x480)

Tuesday I just shopped, and then Wednesday, Nick’s sister flew in with baby Hallie!  We spent the day downtown and Nick met us for dinner at Wagamama’s which I have been hearing a lot about so I wanted to try it.

092 (640x480)

Nick, Tiffany and Hallie on the subway home.

093 (640x467)

Thursday was the best day!  Nick was still in class so we went to this place outside of Aberdeen called Storybook Glen.  It’s a beautiful piece of property where the owners have built statues of different storybook characters.  Its was so pretty and the grass was so green and soft.  It was the perfect place to let Isla run around, and there was almost no one there.

104 (640x466)105 (640x478)

If I had known how beautiful it was going to be, I would have brought my good camera and taken more pictures!

110 (640x479)

This picture cracks me up.  Since there was no one there, we left Hallie asleep in Isla’s stroller while we walked over to another statue about 100 ft away.  Isla got so upset that we were leaving “baby” that she ran over and tried to push Hallie over to us.

113 (640x473)

Storybook Glen is a beautiful place, and a must-see if you have kids and are visiting Aberdeen!

I loved Aberdeen, and I would love to move there one day. Nick’s company has an office there so who knows??? Maybe its in our future.

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