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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Perfect Hamlet

Ok, first off – how cute is my niece???  She’s a keeper! Remember her outfit?

981 (640x425)

We originally wanted to go and see Balmoral our last day, but it was closed.  This is actually a very good thing because given that we are all slowwww movers, there’s no way we would have made it there and back and to the airport on time.

Thankfully Dunnotter castle was less than 30 minutes away and also the place where my favorite movie version of Hamlet was filmed! The 1993 Mel Gibson Hamlet was hands down the best Hamlet. I have seen TWO different versions after all, so I consider myself an expert.

Its pretty breathtaking.

985 (640x425)

I think Isla looks so cute in this outfit!

993 (499x640)

I love this picture!

999 (640x425)

Dark and dreary!  Just like a castle should be.

1003 (640x425)

I just like pictures where Isla looks small since she’s getting so big lately.

1020 (640x425)

She’s happy because she’s cute!

1041 (640x425)

Family shot.

1049 (640x425)

Isla started to get really possessive about other people’s hats… see how intently she is staring at Hallie’s hat?

1039 (640x425)

Uh oh, there she goes!

1056 (640x425)

And she eventually got Aunt Tiffy’s too!

1064 (640x425)

We all thought that it would be the coolest thing if Hallie took her first steps in Scotland…

1079 (640x425)

Can she do it???

1080 (640x425)

Uh oh!  Not just yet.

1081 (640x425)

I guess she’ll just to have take her first steps in the great state of Texas!

We loved the castle, but eventually we had to leave.  Boo.

1085 (640x425)

That was the end of our trip in Scotland.  We left straight for the airport from there, but we cannot wait to get back!

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