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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like LOST… But with ZOMBIES!

We interrupt my scheduled series of orphan advocate posts to bring you… something completely different.

So those who know me, and amazingly still love me, know that I love being scared.  I love, love it!  It runs in my family, especially my mom’s side.  We are all weird like that.  It comes from living in small town Carmi, Illinois for so long!

Anyway, since Lost went off the air, there has been a big hole in my TV viewing schedule.  I have tried to fill it with shows that I like, The Closer, Leverage, and various other dramas, and they have been good, but none of them have filled the void. Plus they are all established shows and I haven’t found a “new” show. I don’t watch that much TV or have it on that much so I want to really like the shows I do watch. I loved Lost because it always left me wondering what on earth was going on and I wanted to see what would happen the next week!

Oh boy, oh boy, I think that I may have found an even better show than Lost, IMHO.  Ladies and Gents…. its called the Walking Dead and it premiers on AMC, a channel that has already proven that it knew how to create top notch shows after Mad Men.


Lost elements it has that I love:

  • Mystery/Science Fiction Genre
  • Good and Evil juxtaposition between the two main characters Rick and Shane, a la… well, just about every main character in Lost, but I was specifically going to say Jack and John Locke.
  • Flash Backs(!!!) that let you see what the characters were like in better times.
  • Arg, and they even have their own “I-won’t-put-the-word-on-my-blog-but-Laura-knows-what-I-am-talking-about” Kate. And unlike Kate, it did not take me 4 seasons to realize what an awful tease she is.  Lori annoys me so much!  She’s awful.
  • I can’t stop thinking – how on earth will they get out of this mess?  Is there every going to be a happy ending for these people?
  • SO MANY unanswered questions, like “How did this epidemic start?” “What did Jenner say to Rick?” “How long was Rick in a coma?” “Did Merle make it?” etc.
  • They aren’t afraid to kill off or get rid of main characters so that keeps things spicy.

Things not in Lost that I love:

  • The first time I saw an episode, I was terrified.  I hadn’t been that scared by a show in YEARS.  I LOVE being scared… when I am in the comfort of my own home with the door safely dead bolted.

Things that freak me out a little bit:

  • The Zombies. It can be a little graphic!  A little too graphic. Like that gross zombie in the well.  Yuck.

Yes, I know I’m weird.  I can’t help it.  I blame my parents.

But seriously, if you can stomach the Zombies, check this show out.  Its really good. Although I somehow have a feeling that not a single one of my fellow Losties (shout out to Adrienne, Laura, Jessica, Elysha, Kristen and many others) will jump on this bandwagon with me Smile.

PS. Most of my TV watching time these days is more write up my blog posts on Kai, so don’t think I am a completely horrible person for enjoying such a macabre show!


  1. I HATE being scared, so I wont be watching, but I have heard from so many people now that that show is really good. I'd say its pretty impressive that people are taking a zombie show seriously! Enjoy.

  2. Yes! It is so well done. I am also amazed that I am taking this zombie show seriously!

  3. ha-ha)) Stori, I have to tell to Igor aout it, I think he would love it! :)



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