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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Italian Vacation Recap




Miscellaneous Memories


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for recapping your trip! We are heading to Italy in a couple of weeks and I remembered the other night that you guys went there...with a baby and I so I checked your blog today to see if what you did was similar to what I was planning! How old was Isla when you went? I am worried about Graham but he is also so chill that hopefully we will be fine! Also...we are staying at the Hotel Santa Maria...please tell me that is not the one that you had so much trouble with in the beginning! Thanks again for documenting your travels!

  2. Che, Isla was almost 18 months, so a little bit older than Graham. Graham will be fine! He sounds a lot like Isla, and she is a pretty easy traveler. Thankfully the Santa Maria is not the hotel that we stayed at, so you shouldn't have the awful start we did. I should have called ahead, but I had the confirmation email so I didn't think that we needed to. Have fun and enjoy Rome and eat lots of gelato!

    Also, we are going to Istanbul this Thursday for a long weekend, and I saw that you were going too! I will try to recap that one pretty quickly, but we'll see... as I am sure you can tell, I have been terrible at keeping up with our happenings.


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