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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I’m a Believer!

We only had one full day where Nick was not working in Scotland and even though it was kind of far (3ish hours) and we had two little babies, we knew that we had to at least try to visit Scotland’s most well known tourist attraction and get a glimpse of a certain prehistoric creatures that lives in the depths of the famed Loch Ness.

We went to Inverness first and ate at the just-fancy-enough-to-make-my-husband uncomfortable Mustard Seed restaurant, which of course turned out to be not even that fancy, and also remarkably kid friendly and inexpensive. Seriously, the kids menus in the UK were out of this world!  No macaroni and chicken fingers for those British kids, they get full kids menus filled with all kinds of neat and fancy foods – USA, take note!  Then from there, we went onward to Urquhart Castle, which is said to be the best castle from which one can view Nessie.

Our biggest goal for the day was to try to get good pictures of these cute little baby princesses in their matching dresses.  An even more impossible goal – I think – than spotting Nessie, yes they are cute and incredibly photogenic, but they are ultimately also very squirmy. Isla did at least get the gist of what we were doing and did her best to smother Hallie with her hugs, which was cute, but we didn’t get too many face and smiling shots.Hallie and Isla 4 (640x402)Isla and Hallie (640x416)Isla and Hallie 2 (640x414)Isla and Hallie 3 (640x425)Isla and Hallie 5 (640x425)

This one looks a little treacherous!  The girls were perfectly safe, I can assure you.

Scary Photo (640x413)

Isla, giving Hallie the lay o’ the land.

Love it (640x412)

Kissing cousins.

Kissing Cousins (640x416)

Brother and sister.

Sis and Bro (640x413)

I love this one!

More Cute Girls (640x424)

How green is this valley?

SO GREEN (640x425)

I know people say that Ireland is supposed to be really green, but I have been to Ireland in the middle of the summer and Scotland in October, and Ireland has got NOTHING on Scotland.  Nick kept asking everywhere we went what the grass was called (yes, he is like Hank Hill when it comes to grass-care), and all he got was blank stares because no one thinks anything about how amazingly green and soft their grass is!

The beautiful Highlands.

Beautiful Countryside (640x423)

Four girls.

Four Girls 2 (640x425)

The family.

Family (640x425)

The highlands again.


In spite of the fact that Nessie decided not to reveal herself – it was a pretty awesome day… and coming next! The BEST part of our Scotland trip!

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  1. Gosh, that green grass is amazing! I wish we could get rid of the itchy grass we have on lawns in Texas and swap it for that.


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