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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Here are just a few things happening at the Wann household.

  • I leave for the USA the day after Thanksgiving.  I am so excited about seeing my family!  And baby Finn Smile. I am really missing my mama.
  • After I volunteered to speak at English club, I have sort of been appointed the unofficial chairperson of it... we had another one last week where I talked about Texas A&M (word on the streets of Novo is that it’s the BEST university in the USA – and if you want people to hear differently, then you better come and tell them yourself!), and Nick is going to talk about Thanksgiving this Sunday.  I am hoping that we can rotate the Americans/English next year so that we get a good mix of speakers. Its been so much fun to meet new Russians who have interest in the language.
  • Nick also started an English speaking bible study with our Pastor at our house on Wednesday nights, and we had some unbelievers come!  I am so proud of him.
  • Nick’s boss just told him he could leave several days earlier for Houston so he can squeeze in some business meetings there, but he might not.  The reason – he doesn’t want to miss his last English bible study, which means he will just have to use days he was going to take a vacation to work and go to meetings.  We are working on an alternative, but I am so proud of his commitment to this bible study. So proud. This is our mission field and we take it seriously.
  • I really need to get our Scotland posts up, I only have three or four, and I do not want it to become one of the trips time forgot, like Isla’s first Halloween or the second half of her first Independence Day or the second half of my mom and mine’s St Petersburg trip.
  • Isla is making amazing progress with her potty training.  After 6 months of starting and stopping and trying different methods, it turns out that all we needed to do was put her in big girl panties for a few weeks and just deal with the messes.  Yesterday she only had ONE accident, and being the proud Mama that I am, I am not even counting it because she went into the bathroom by herself, sat on the little potty by herself, and tinkled all by herself.  The only catch? She forgot to take off her underwear when she sat down!  Smile.
  • Isla is weaned!  It was pretty easy.  I am sad and I miss it, but it was time.  I slowly got her down to once per day and then I stopped.  I nursed her one time a week later when I got uncomfortable, and then nothing for nearly two weeks.  I hope that I have the chance to do it again!
  • I love our church here in Novo!
  • I need to get serious about Russian lessons again.  We are still taking them, but you know when you are trying to learn and when you are just faking it.  Well I have been faking it for the past month since we got back from Scotland.  Its going to be my top priority next year!  I really want to be able to converse with the people at my church.
  • I am going to try to make Chicken Parmesan tonight.  Wish me luck!
  • I love Agnesa! Her mother is not doing well.  Could you please pray for her?
  • Isla’s naps have been very short lately, less than 1 1/2 hours.  I don’t know what to do, but I am experimenting with different things.  I know she is not getting enough sleep because she wakes up super cranky.
  • I am going to Krasnodar this Thursday.  2 1/2 hours to Ikea.  Not fun, but I want to get Isla the little play kitchen from there.
  • Isla is really into cooking.  She gets “bows” (bowls) and then I fill it with crackers and raisins and wooden spoon and she mixes it up and pours it from bowl to bowl.  Its so cute.  It’s the first thing she wants to show Nick when he gets home. She runs up to him with her bowl and says “cook”.
  • Lately I am turning into a Ruskaya Babushka… whenever Isla and I go outside, I spend about 30 minutes looking for any kind of outerwear to throw on her so she doesn’t get cold.

Also, don’t forget about my fundraiser for little Kai man!  We are raising the ransom to bring him HOME, plus you have the chance to win an iPad 2.  How cool is that?  For details click HERE.

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