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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas in November

Since we are leaving this week for the USA, and we won’t be getting back until January 8th or 9th, I decided to go ahead and assemble two of the Christmas presents that I bought for Nick and Isla at IKEA last Thursday.  I am so thankful for my driver, Andrey.  He is the best and a huge help.  Since its 2 1/2 to 3 hours away, it already promises to be a very long day, but Andrey comes with me, and runs interference for me and helps me carry things so we can get in and out of the mall quickly.  He is awesome!

First, Isla got her very first little play kitchen.  Its so cute, and she loves it!  It keeps her very busy while I am cooking.  The little IKEA dishes and pans that you can buy separately are so realistic, so she thinks she has ones just like mine – which makes her more likely to play with them. Notice the little hooks that you can hang utensils and pots and pans from? Adorable.

kitchen 1kitchen 2kitchen 3kitchen 4kitchen 5

For Christmas for Nick, I bought him a HUGE world map from IKEA. He loves maps and I have had this bare wall for 7 months now, and I couldn’t decide how to arrange the family photos on it.  I have also been on the look out for a Russian painting, but I haven’t found one I like in my price range.  In the mean time, we both love this.  Its better than the TV!  We spend very long periods of time staring at this – if we were both better at geography then it might not be so fascinating, but every time we look at it, its like we are realizing where everything is for the first time!

world map

We are trying to keep Christmas small this year. We don’t really need that much, but I think that we will get a lot of enjoyment out of these two presents!

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