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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Villa Borghese Gardens

While we were in Rome, we wanted to visit the Villa Borghese and see all of the beautiful paintings and statues there.  I did not preorder the tickets to visit (which is very unlike me), and of course the one time I did, we arrived and they were sold out for the next four days!

It was ok though, in the end, we decided to stroll around the gardens… a much more Isla friendly activity!


She loved to splash in the fountain!


Does anything look funny in this picture?


Yes… that’s a Weiner dog… sitting very still  on the column.  214

Lately Isla has been very into dogs, only she doesn’t call them dogs, she calls them “sbakas” for the Russian word for dogs “sebaka”.

Here she is, chasing after too and calling after them.


There were so many “sbakas” in the park!  I think that this was definitely the highlight of Rome for Isla.


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