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Friday, October 28, 2011


What to say about Venice??? We loved, loved, loved, loved Venice Smile.  I cannot wait to go back.  Its one of those cities that makes you feel like you could turn around a corner and be back in 1528 AD in the middle of Carnival!

We spend a lot of time walking, walking, and walking.  The city has so many bridges that it does not allow for any type of motorized vehicle, and it makes everything so much more pleasant.  And when I say it had a lot of bridges… I mean it had a lot of bridges!  Poor Nick had to carry Isla and her stroller up and down and up and down countless bridges.  He got quite a workout!

617 (640x425)

We had a lot of fun just walking around and getting lost in the city.  We saw a lot of signs like this one…

624 (640x425)

…but I have a feeling that several enterprising shopkeepers added a few segues to the route to San Marco because the few times that we were able to get our bearings, we had definitely strayed off the most direct path. Nick examining the map!

613 (640x425)

We also had the best. pizza. ever. Not an important fact, but I wanted to throw that in.  Isla slept the whole time we ate so we got to people watch.

604 (425x640)

Europeans and their Nutella!  I would guess that these were 3 to 5 gallon jugs… definitely HUGE. (Of course I would manage to get pictures of Nutella…)

606 (640x425)

I wish that I had taken more pictures, but the truth be told, the pictures that I did take did not do the city justice.  Its just one of those cities that you have to go and walk around in and experience.  Narrow “streets” surrounded by so many antiquated buildings.  You really do feel like you are in another time. 

623 (640x425)

We finally made it to Saint Mark piazza! The resting place of Saint Mark’s body.

626 (640x425)625 (640x425)

Venice did not join Italy until the 19th century, and prior to that it was its own “country” and was a major sea power, as well as major cultural and political superpower.  I really want to read some books on the history of Venice… someday Smile.

Day 2 we experienced more of Venice by boat.  Honestly… is there any place cooler than being on a boat???  Oh I know a cooler place… being on a BOAT IN VENICE!  Isla agrees.

669 (640x425)

It was so nice to get to ride around and see all of the beautiful old palaces. The water was SO blue!

636 (640x425)658 (640x425)659 (640x425)649 (640x425)663 (640x425)

I seriously dropped the ball in photo taking in Venice!  This was the only photo that I took of the Venetian Doge (seat of Government), and I think I only took it because Isla was so cute pushing her own stroller. 

680 (640x425)

For the record – the Doge was also amazing.  Arg.  I wish that I had taken more pictures.

We also said Good-bye to Jessy and John in Venice (sniff, sniff)! We did get to spend a little time with them at the airport the following day though.

694 (640x425)

They were kind enough to take a family photo. We didn’t get too many of those while we were on vacation.

692 (640x425)

Our last night in Venice we went out for dinner as family.  It was a blast but so long.  Isla did pretty well but then she started to get restless at the end. She left her own little mark on the city… namely in the form of a sippy cup that she managed to toss into the canal! Smile

737 (640x425)735 (640x425)

All in all, Venice is one of my favorite places to visit of all time!  Part of my lack of pictures is that I was having too much fun to take any Smile.  It was a wonderful time with my two loves and I cannot wait go back!

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