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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out and About in Rome

Guys, we still have lots more posts about our vacation coming, so hold on tight. This one is mostly pictures!

Love these two.

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We loved finding windy back streets that didn’t have cars. This made us feel like we were in the Italy we came to see!

159 (640x425)

The Spanish Steps. Some guy gave me a bouquet of flowers to hold for my picture, and then gave me a flower for free.  He told Nick that he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife (excellent liar) so Nick tried to give him 5 euro, but he would only accept 1… Pretty crafty that feller… he managed to get Nick, of all people, to give him money for nothing!

232 (640x424)

The Trevi Fountain

238 (640x425)

I just like this one.

244 (640x424)

Piazza Navona.  It was so crowded!

253 (640x423)

The Pantheon

257 (640x425)

And from here, we move onto Florence…

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  1. What fun adventures yall are able to take! Isla will be so cultured and SO flexible :) Miss yall!


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