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Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Russian Home

I blogged about our home before our sea shipment arrived here (yikes, 6 months ago!), but I realized that I never gave an update on what it actually looks like now! 

Part of this is because it is still not finished.  I have so many pictures that still need to be put up because I cannot make up my mind where they should go… and since the walls are all cement and covered in wall paper, if I put them up and change my mind, people will notice!  So I keep rearranging them on the floor, and finding reasons to procrastinate and my latest reason to procrastinate is that I want to make a trip to IKEA to look at picture frames.

And I also always wait until my house is spotless and staged to post pictures… well I finally realized that if I wait for that time, then I will be waiting until Jesus returns before I post any pictures. So ladies and gents, without further ado… our Russian home!

The view from our entryway into our study! Originally I was going to leave the brown couch in Isla’s room for when company came.  My mom convinced me otherwise, and I am so glad that she did. Not only do I love having the extra seating in here, it leaves a lot more room in Isla’s room for a play area! It really didn’t make sense to keep it in there for the few weeks a year we have company. Also, I LOVE that bookcase.  It is from IKEA and it is nice and deep, but also the shelf height is customizable.  It would be perfect in a kids room for toy storage and also it is deep enough to hold big binders and photo albums.051 (640x422)

You can see that I put up my Sky Mall shoe organizer and hanging rack in the entry way.  I love it.

050 (640x410)

Isla’s room, and my favorite.  It is HUGE so I was able to use the IKEA bookcase as a room divider so her play area is on one side and her crib is on the other side.

053 (640x405)

I love the way her room turned out.  This is what her old nursery looked like in the states.  I kept second-guessing all of my purchases until I got it in here and all together and I think it looks great.  I think IKEA is the way to go for kids furniture, and my PB kids splurges (rugs and curtains) were worth every penny.

055 (640x422)

Our room, not too much has changed.  I have never been that into decorating our master room because we are never in there. Only when we sleep, so this is probably it for now.  (Side note – fancy houses are always including a sitting area in the master… does anyone even use them?  Who spends that much time in their bedrooms?)  I was really excited because the wall paper accent wall that our bed is against looks really good with our duvet that we already had.

FYI – I do not normally make my bed this way, but Agnesa came and she remakes it a different way every single time.  Its kind of fun to walk in and be surprised.  The duvet is normally on top with the blanket folded and spread across the bottom, but you get an idea of the leafy border on the pillows (same as on the duvet) matching the leaves on the accent wall.

056 (640x424)057 (640x400)

The balcony off of our bedroom that had become my laundry room with my dryer, drying rack, and ironing board.  We had a washer/drying combination machine in our master bath when me moved in, and Nick’s company bought me a separate dryer.  I am so glad they did!  I used to get so behind on laundry, now I only get a little bit behind.

059 (640x415)

Master bath and only full bath in the house.  I used to look at houses in the Houston Heights and wonder who could live in a home with only one full bath!  Well, we are living it, and folks, it ain’t so bad.

060 (640x414)

My laundry nook in the full bath.  That is our washing machine.  We installed the cabinet above the washing machine.

061 (640x415)

Kitchen.  Not much has changed. I love having a kitchen island and I love the bar stools. I want to get a little play kitchen for Isla for Christmas to go on the wall to the right so she can cook when I do (and also stay out from under my feet!). I am not going to show you our other balcony… it is Nick’s area and has his tools and stuff.  And it’s a mess.

062 (640x422)

Dining area.  As you can see we moved the bookcase to act as another room divider to divide the living area and the dining area.

064 (640x410)

Living room!  I cannot decide what to do with our “mantle”, but this will have to do for now.

065 (640x414)

Isla has a little play nook in the living room.  I got her the table and chair set from IKEA (seriously, so adorable and about the 1/4 the price of the set from PB Kids), and she gets the bottom right 3 cubbies for her toys and books.  And she knows those are hers and not to touch Mommy’s books.  We work on it, but for the most part she is pretty good.

067 (640x414)

Our half bath.  We brought the mirror in our shipment, and thank goodness we did because this bathroom didn’t have a mirror.  It was really last minute that I threw it in because originally I had planned to leave it. At some point, when he is not working until midnight every night, I will get Nick to redo the wire on the back so we can hang it long ways. In the meantime, its not that important.

068 (640x422)

Other half of the half bath.  We also installed the above the toilet storage.

069 (406x640)

And on that charming note, we conclude our home tour. Also, I am not going to show you our one closet… it is nightmarishly disorganized.  That is my project for this weekend.

It has been really cool how the apartment has slowly come together.  Since I didn’t get to see what it would look like before we moved here (it was bare concrete everything when we made our reassignment trip), I was so nervous about how everything would turn out, but it was really God. It feels silly to write that, but it did bother me, and I turned it over to him, and there were some decisions that I normally wouldn’t make or some last minute decisions to throw things in that ended up working out perfectly and almost no glaring items that really stand out. So, God gets the glory and I get none, and I am ok with that!

I hope you like it, I know we do!

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