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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Full Life

I almost called this A Full Weekend, but then I decided to carry it through to today and include Friday day so I expanded the title.  You know that I am usually pretty honest about when I am having a hard time, but this past weekend was just one of those times where I felt like my life was so full and wonderful.  I am supremely satisfied today, we had a lot happening, but in a GOOD way!


Friday was a great day!  I saw my friend Alecia briefly (she is doing better, but I want to wait before I post more on her).  Then I came home and Isla and I napped for 3 hours… I have been a little extra tired lately.  Then we went to our towns MacDonald’s for Isla’s little friend Izlata’s second birthday and Anya’s son’s 7th birthday, Vanya.  I didn’t take any pictures, but it was so nice. 

I love how much people share here!  Its very common to share wedding dresses and birthday parties… two things that I would never want to share Smile, selfish me, but I love seeing it done with such open and loving hearts.


Saturday Nick went and played paintball with some men from his office.  He said it was so cool!  He said it was in an old army hospital and you had to run from one side to the next. I am really glad that he is bonding with office friends and having his own guy time.

Isla and I stayed home and she has seemed like such a big girl since we got back from Scotland, that I decided to let her try a couple of big girl things.

First at Tabriz, our nearby Supermarket, I let her try the Shopping Car.  She was pretty good, but by the end she was tired of it.  This is the end where she was crawling out, and I kept putting her back in.  Finally I just carried her around the store.


Secondly, I decided that it was about time to let her in on a Thistlethwaite women’s tradition – namely, cookie baking!  Nothing says lovin’ like passing your sugar addiction, inherited from your mama, onto  your offspring.

Isla LOVED it.  She helped me pour in the dry ingredients, and then we watched (with me holding BOTH her hands) while the mixer mixed the dough. Then she sat and daintily tried the dough. She would lightly touch the batter, put her finger in her mouth, and lightly touch the batter again.


Then we carried on another family tradition, Isla got to lick the beater, a job she relished!


Then of course, the finished taste test! Oh, yum yum.


I love how seriously she took the whole process!

Then Nick got home from paintball and watched Isla, while I went out with my friend Alecia again to help her find an apartment or home for her family (2 parent, 2 grandmas, and 4 kids – not an easy task!).

Afterwards I got home and we raced over to our church dinner at the home of our Pastor and his wife.  It was awesome.  I love that Isla gets to play with so many kids, and I even got brave and practiced my Russian with a few of the non-English speakers that attend our church.


I caught Isla on camera kissing Masha!  She loves Masha.


Where there is fire and meat… there you will find my husband!  Anya remarked that he looked very Russian out there.


I was sooo hungry and the food was so good.


Afterwards, we spent time hanging out with friends like Izlata and her parents, Igor and Katya.

Katya’s “normal” camera face Smile. Igor is on the right, sweet Anya on the left!


I love Zlata’s face in this picture! Too bad it is being blocked by tea Sad smile.



Sunday we all slept in until 9, and Nick went to the gym and then we all went to church as usual at 2 pm.  Isla took a little nap before church, thank goodness. It falls right at her naptime so if she misses it then there is no fun for anyone!

While at church we celebrated, just Izlata’s birthday, and then we stayed behind for a concert!


It was really good, but I was sad that we had to leave early because a certain little baby girl was acting up.  That’s ok, I knew she was getting hungry and we needed to get home and prepare for Monday.


A great day! This probably the closest to a day-in-the-life post that I am going to get because I am embarrassed by how long it takes me to accomplish absolutely nothing.

But it was still a good day.  I got up before Isla did and got ready before I woke her up at 8:15 AM. She gets up around 8 AM now since its so dark and there is no daylight savings here. She slowly woke up, and then ate breakfast and by the time we were all done, it was 9:15.

Then she did independent playtime for 20 minutes. I am dying to write a post on that soon!  This is my time to sit and write in my prayer journal and pray for my family and friends.  I am thankful for this one-on-one time with my Lord.

Then we finished getting ready and went for a walk on the promenade.  It was COLD and foggy. She wasn’t into walking, but she did play on the play ground!  I didn’t have a hat that matched Isla’s outfit to put on her so I left her bare-headed, but I should have thrown out all concern for fashion because she really needed one. I thought she looked so cute in her little outfit that I bought on sale from Gymboree last year. The shoes she inherited from Izlata!  Kids clothes are one thing that I DO love to share.

083The promenade between the Black Sea and grassy area.


The little playground on the promenade near our house.


She is so brave. She fearlessly climbed up the play gym and went down the slide all by herself, repeatedly!


Close up for Cookie.  Her nose was a little bit runny.


After that we stopped by the store for some food and went home and ate lunch. Then Isla took a nap. And then mommy took a nap.  Seriously, I have been so tired, but I have to wean myself off of them!

Then mommy woke up and Isla woke up and we ate a snack.  Then Isla had independent playtime again for 30 minutes while I picked up. Then I cooked and we played, we ate dinner, we worked on letters and she played some while I blogged, and then Nick got home.  We bathed Isla, put her to bed and here I am writing this blog post.

It was such a good day!  Not too hurried, with a long warm afternoon nap inside while it was cold outside, and lots of time playing with Isla. 

This was a good, full, wonderful past four days!


  1. Those pics of the cookie baking were THE BEST!!!! LOVE IT. And...does she always eat topless? JUST KIDDING...I know she doesnt. I have asked that before. I think its cute. Addison would probably take off her diaper. HA!

  2. so happy for your very full life!! sounds like a great weekend!


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