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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here we are in right after arrival in Florence, just off the second worst train ride of our life! We took a taxi to our hotel because it was so late in the day.

335 (640x425)

The next day we decided to just spend the day walking around Florence.  I was not very good about taking pictures here, but I hope you enjoy.  We really loved Florence. There were so many streets that were pedestrian only, which made it nice.  It was just as crowded as Rome, but it seemed more laid back somehow.

We walked around just to get our bearings and then we found a park for Isla so that she could work off some energy.

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I love how silly Nick gets with her!  He is so much better at playing with her than I am.

359 (640x425)

Sweet kissies!

364 (640x425)

And some sweet nibbles!

366 (640x425)

Florence is also famous for selling awesome quality leather at cheap prices so we passed shoe store after shoe store… since Isla’s loves playing with shoes, she wanted to stop at every single one.

371 (640x425)

Nick in front of the David replica where the original one used to stand… we were going to try to see it plus the Birth of Venus, but both galleries were so crowed and the wait was hours.  Just seeing the city was enough fun so we decided to skip them!

378 (640x425)

Gardens in Florence.  They had some amazing views of Tuscany!

401 (640x425)411 (640x425)

Isla doing her thang!

434 (640x425)435 (640x425)436 (640x425)

I really should have taken more pictures because the city was so charming!  Go see it for yourself.


  1. I completely agree about Rome . . . gorgeous beautiful city, but very busy and crowded, and we haven't had great experiences with Romans. I definitely heart Florence though!! :) love Isla "doing her thang!" so cute!

  2. I second a love for Florence! We did get to see David but mainly loved the people food and walkability of the city. I would love to have a vacation flat there... Some day!


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