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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Coliseum, Mamertime Prision, and the Roman Forum

The Coliseum is SO AMAZING!  I think it was my favorite part of Rome. It has all of the elements that make for a fun time for me – impressive early engineering feat, steeped in history and early Christian history, and also a touch macabre.  I think the only thing that could have made it better is if they had had a wax museum onsite (no I am not kidding.  I love wax museums.)

We were so excited!


Even though only 1/3 of the walls are up… its still so incredible!  I cannot believe that they built this so long ago, and it was so pretty back-in-the-day.  Most of the marble and precious parts have been stripped from it.


It so BIG!


I should have been a little bit solemn considering how many brave Christians lost their lives here… but I got kind of giddy over this place.  I wish that I could have just run alllll over it and down in the floor and gone up high.  But they don’t let you do that, and I had two other visitors with me who would not have appreciated being left behind. Sad smile


I rented Gladiator that night on my iPad so that I could see it all put together. Impressive.  There’s not much else I can say on the subject.  I am glad that I will never have to see a fight in the Coliseum… I can’t even get into football so I don’t fully understand how two men fighting to the death is appealing, but the building itself was super cool.

Afterwards we headed to the Mamertine Prision where Peter was imprisoned.  It was an old cistern with a spring in the floor.  Apparently it would flood quite often and prisoners were lowered down through a hole in the ceiling.


Now this place gave me chills and made me very, very solemn.  To think that I was standing in the same place that Peter once stood was so moving.  It is said that the spring up and flooded the room when Peter was jailed there, and that he used the water to baptize his two jailers.  I don’t know if that is true since it is not in the Bible, but I like to think it is.


Requisite cute baby shot. Shout out to the Grandmas!


And finally the Roman Forum.  I  know we should have gone in, but it was getting late, Isla was hungry and tired, and so I just took a picture from the balcony that overlooks the forum. 

If only I had had Eyewitness Travel: Rome, I might have felt more inclined to go and walk around in them… but after a while, all ruins kind of start to look the same and I was pretty sure that this was the gist of what was inside.


In my motherhood, I am becoming a very bad history buff…

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