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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September (and a little bit of August)

We leave tomorrow for our Italy-Scotland vacation, and I wanted to do a recap of the last month so that I don’t forget it. I was going to publish it in October so that I don’t break my blogging strike, but I feel like that would be silly and I think that the strike has served its purpose.

I forgot to mention that I was able to spend two Saturdays at our churches Vacation Bible School in August!  It was so wonderful and amazing, and I am so thankful for the smart, creative women in our church.  We also happen to have more than a few adorable children!  I don’t have pictures, but at the end of it, the kids all battled the “space Pirates” (ie the Dads, including Nick) with water guns, and it was a lot of fun.  Nick had a blast running around and getting sprayed with water!


My housekeeper Agnesa’s niece, Eva told Agnesa that she would like to meet me and braid my hair.  Braids are very big in this part of Russia and they do really beautiful and ornate braids.  Eva is very talented and she sent me pictures of incredibly ornate hairdos, I picked one, and she came over one day and braided my hair.  It was really sweet of her.


We discovered Isla loves watermelon as much as her Daddy!


Isla also discovered that she LOVES to read!  I should be careful what I wish for because all she does is follow me around croaking “booook, book, book” with her favorite books so that I will read to her! I used to dream about sharing a love of reading with my babies, but now I can’t get anything done. Smile


Mostly we were pretty antisocial, but we did get invited to our friends Tim and Lee’s apartment for dance party Smile, and it was so fun! Isla definitely enjoyed herself.


September wasn’t all fun.  In fact I felt pretty discouraged throughout most of it.  After this post, we continued to be sick, and I mean very, very sick in different ways from the previous illness. Isla has been very disobedient, and there have been some very hard moments. Nick has been working late, late every night.  And Isla has been regressing in her potty training… in fact, she has had several accidents. Case in point… this picture captures an incident that happened immediately after taking her off the potty! (She also peed on me one time, but I won’t show you a picture of that one!)


Isla also pulled our iPad off the table, broke the glass and it is going to cost anywhere between $200—$350 to fix. Arg.  This child is getting into everything.  The other day, she went into the cabinet, and I turned around to see her gleefully walking towards me carrying two steak knives!

The other day Isla and I were walking on the promenade and she was about 10 feet away.  I saw her bend down, stick her finger in something and immediately put her finger back in her mouth.  I screamed “no” and rushed over and it turns out that she had stuck her finger in someone’s loogie!  Gross.  Thank goodness she has had her Hepatitis shot! She is a mess.

She also fell and got her first head injury!  We were at a friends house and she was standing right next to me.  She started to walk backwards, two one step, slipped on some Legos, and hit her head on a handle on a drawer.  I thought she was ok until I saw blood!  We immediately called the Doctor and she was fine, other than a big knot and little cut.  The Doctor shaved her head to put a bandage on it, so now she has a little bald spot (in addition to her little baby mullet).


All in all, I would say that September was a hard month.  The hardest I have had in a while, but these times are necessary for our growth.  It has been a time for me to focus less on my needs and more on making sure that Nick and Isla are happy.  I have always been blessed with such a servant minded husband, and it has been weird not having him help with Isla as much or spend as much time with me.  But at the same time, I have been trying to return the selflessness that he has blessed me with for the past 6 years, and make certain that he doesn’t have any extra stress to deal with besides the stress of his job.

Anyway, I am pretty excited about leaving tomorrow, even though I don’t feel like I have done anything to deserve this vacation.  We are meeting our dear friends Jessy and John from California in Italy and Nick’s sister Tiffany and little Hallie Irene in Scotland, and I know that that time with beloved friends and family will be so good for my soul!


  1. Oh my - what a recap! Well I hope the rest of September is amazing and that you have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see pictures :)

  2. Thanks Sassy! I will try to get pictures up as quick as I can once I get back. :) I think it is going to be a blast! Now back to packing...

  3. Sorry its been a rough month of sicknesses and everything else :( What doesnt kills us makes us stronger right? Sometimes I dont believe that. You always take lifes challenges with grace though. I love you guys!!!! And Sorry my email back took so long, whew. Crazy these days with weekly doc appts, school, working at the school and making meals for everyone around here having BABIES!! My oh my!!!


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