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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We made it!

We are home!

There was a major hiccup in Moscow, and so I didn't get home until 18 hours later than I was supposed to. It was a very stressful situation that took forever to get resolved (and a few tears), but in the end, I am very thankful for the resources that Nick and I have. I got a free taxi (paid for by Nick's company) to a free, fancy hotel suite (bought using Nick's Marriott points and convinced by Nick to upgrade me for my birthday), so even though I didn't make it home for my birthday to see my groom, I don't think I have mich to be complaining about...

Just check out my hotel suite!

YouTube Video

We got home this morning. Nick met us at the airport, which I am so thankful for. It wasn't easy getting away from a meeting that he had, but I am so thankful to know what a priority we are to him! I love my hubby :).

As you can imagine, Nick and Isla were overjoyed to see one another! She got a huge grin on her face when she saw him and wanted to go straight into his arms and hasn't wanted to be away from him for a second since then! As usual I don't have a favorite picture so here are all of them!

We got back the apartment at lunch time and after we ate, Nick went back to work and Isla and I slept for 4 hours. We were so exhausted; I had only slept less than six hours of the last 48, and Isla maybe a little more than that. Since then I have been unpacking and getting my house back in order.

Now off to cuddle with my groom. He is so cute!

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