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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where are you Wannderers?

I thought that I would do a little location update!

  • I leave for Texas on Tuesday, overnight in Moscow and arrive on Wednesday.  Please indulge my selfish prayer request as I will be traveling soooo far with my very active 15 month old and NO HUSBAND (my usual go-to Isla-Entertainer).  Please pray that she sleeps a lot and that I can keep her happy and entertained for the 12 hour flight!

***This reminds me of our flight back from St Pete with my mom, where we dubbed Isla “Cookie’s Monster” because all she wanted was for my mom to hold her! (Please come and save me Cookie!!!!)  This was fine by me since we had 12+ hours of travel!***

Here is Isla, reaching for her Cookie! She wanted nothing to do with me!

Cookies Monster 1Cookies Monster 2Cookies Monster 3

  • Nick left for Dubai today.  I am really bummed that he is gone.  We originally planned my trip intentionally so that it would straddle his Dubai trip.  Well the class that he was taking in Dubai called and said that they were rescheduling for Ramadan so Nick left BEFORE us, which I really did not want.  That means we’ll be apart for 3 1/2 weeks!!! That’s too much.  I have always felt like anything over 2 weeks away from Nick was too much, and I only agreed to 2 weeks because we are in Russia… in the states it would have been one week TOPS.  We miss him, he misses us, and the next couple of weeks will be painful.  Isla cried at the airport leaving him.  Almost 1 month is a lot when you are only 15 months!
  • In case anyone has been on the lookout for a post on Turkey… you can stop.  The Turkey trip was cancelled while we were in Ireland.  I was so disappointed because I have always, always, always wanted to visit Istanbul.  We’ll have plenty of other opportunities later though!
  • During my time in Houston, I am being very selfish and asking anyone that wants to see me must come to me… I cannot drive all over creation for 2 1/2 weeks after having flown in from so far.  Its not good for Isla, and I want to make sure that I get time with Shawna and Fin.  My only exceptions are a quick visit to my inlaws (of course!) and a quick trip to Louisiana to take Isla to her pediatrician, get her shots,  and also to see some dear girls and their babies and one very dear NEW little baby girl, who should arrive this week!  And one super duper quick trip to my Emily’s NEW house Smile.  See how quickly 2 1/2 weeks gets filled up?  Yikes.
  • I return to Novo on August 16th!  My birthday. I can’t wait… but I’ll be 28.  That feels so old.


  1. Haha from what I remember as soon as I would take her she had other places to go. Call me in about an hour, love you mom


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