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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We’re Back!

We’ve actually been back since Saturday, unfortunately we returned to no internet AGAIN because our Landlord didn’t pay the bill.  Its still not technically up (6 days later), but our neighbors were gracious enough to let us bum off of theirs, so at least we can get online even if our Vonage phone doesn’t work.  I am going to try not to abuse it.

This might be my most selfish prayer request ever, but please say a prayer that we get our internet worked out.  Its actually quite stressful as we:

  • cannot communicate with family and this week for example, my sister is about to go into labor and my Grandfather’s wife had a malignant tumor removed, and I would like to be in more frequent touch with everyone than normal
  • cannot take care of our business/pay bills in the USA (I have so many late fees now)
  • not to mention that it adds so much extra stress to Nick because he has to spend so much energy trying to get it up and running again, he can’t send his work emails from home, and he also has to fit in things to take care of that I would normally take care of online into his busy day at work!

There are many other reasons why it frustrates me but those are the big ones, and we are pretty much the ONLY FAMILY that has to deal with this since we have a different landlord than everyone else.

I also have one other not so selfish prayer request, but my friend, Alesia, that I mentioned here is still having a hard time finding a job, and she might not even be able to get one until her Russian passport comes in September!  How stressful it must be for her and her family.  I can only imagine.

Now, even though we didn’t have internet, I have still been working on many recaps of our Irish vacation, which should be coming to you a few a day for the next few days.  I hope you enjoy them!

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