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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rock of Cashel

Our first day in Ireland we stopped at the Rock of Cashel… or the Castle of Cashel on our way to Gougane Barra in order to break up the drive.

They are working on a major preservation project, hence the funny scaffolding in the background.


The Castle was great, but our favorite part was letting Isla run around the grounds!  Our new walker had a BLAST.  I am so glad that she started walking before our trip.


Such a Daddy’s girl!


We decided to take a guided tour, which normally I love…


…but ultimately I found my little girl discovering gravel rocks to be much more fascinating Smile.


Ultimately we left the tour early because it was just to hard to follow and keep Isla entertained.  That’s ok because we got some great pictures of her.


Here she is, running down the hill towards her Daddy!  Oh yeah… and you can see the Castle in the background…


Isla and Mommy goofing off!


Every tower needs a princess!


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