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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pouty Potpurri and Praises

So many things, so many things…

Did you notice my blog makeover? I have always wanted a pretty blog and  I really like it!  Thanks to Jen over at Munchkin Land Designs. She was great and sooo patient with my frequent absences!

Ok, so our internet still is not fixed and even if it were fixed, it would clock in somewhere between .02 Mbs and .2 Mbs, barely fast enough to load Gmail.  Y’all, I am getting very frustrated.  Especially because it does not have to be this way. 

We are the only family experiencing the trouble of internet outages, and most of the other families have managed to arrange a semi-functional internet feed.  Some have even been able to use their Slingboxes, which is a handy little device that allows you to watch American TV that Nick and I spent a small fortune on back in March, and that we have barely been able to use. Which we would really love to use because our lovely landlord only ordered cable/satellite with 1 TV channel in English… out of Japan!  There are only so many episodes of Japanophiles that I can take.  The other families here have over a dozen English channels, including TLC!  I could seriously cry just thinking about it. 

Wait, I did actually cry this morning. I am just so frustrated with not being able to communicate with friends and family, the stress it adds on Nick, the stress of not being able to work from home, not being able to unwind with some TV, not being able to pay our bills, communicate easily with our Realtor in the states, the list goes on...  Even blogging! Thank goodness for Windows Live Writer, or else I wouldn’t even be able to blog, which for me is a great way to unwind!  And usually I have to publish and republish because it times out before I can get the post uploaded to Blogger…  it also does the same when I try to send my work documents through Gmail!  No kidding, I try and try to upload them to Gmail, and it times out at least 3 times before I can send anything.

But there has definitely been a silver lining!  Yes, there are some frustrations, but at no point lately and very little in the beginning have I thought “I want to go HOME (other than maybe for a visit)!”  Nick and I feel so happy and blessed to be here in Russia.  We have made Russian friends and they have loved us so well, and been so good to us, and God has been so good!  There have been very few times in my life where I have thought “ok, I am exactly where God wants me to be!” But I feel that way now.  Nick and I LOVE Russia, and KNOW that this is where we belong right now.  Last night we went to our friends Anya and Alexsei’s house for dinner, and walking on the way home, life just felt so RIGHT.

Also… PRAISE THE LORD! I was able to go and help out in the Children’s Shelter on Sunday.  I will now have a standing date every Sunday to go.  The Children’s Shelter is NOT the orphanage.  These are children who have been removed from their home for various reasons, some being neglect or abuse, or extreme poverty, but most of them have at least family or relatives.  It is a very sad place though.  There is only one woman who watches the children, and I say that loosely because she just watches TV most of the day.  Our church goes there to teach the children about Jesus and about how much He loves them, and then we do a craft with them.

Here is sweet Anya sharing an Evangelism Cube with them!


The children were all ages, and they were so sweet.  I loved helping, even though I didn’t help that much, mostly just watched.  I loved being there so much.  Afterwards my friend Yana said that she would talk to the Director of the Orphanage so that I could go to the Orphanage on Wednesdays too! Hopefully the Director will agree. There are very few things that I want to leave Nick and Isla for, but going to the Children’s Shelter and Orphanage are two of them!

Lord, thank you for your Word and your guidance and Peace that surpasses all understanding!  Lord I thank you for the body of Christ, for friends in Christ who are willing to share you and your love with others.  I thank you for the opportunity to serve these tiny children, so fearfully and wonderfully made, but born into a fallen world.  Please continue to allow me to go and serve and help teach these children about YOU, the best Father, who loves at all times, the Father who will never leave them or forsake them. Amen.


  1. Love the blog makeover, and so glad you feel you are right where you need to be. (P.S. my rider board arrived yesterday and UPS says my fastfold is "out for delivery.")

  2. Cute blog set up. Maybe LTY needs a makeover :)

    Keep your chin up. You are amazing. Just amazing.

  3. I love the new blog look! I love the work you are doing for these children. You are amazing.


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