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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Ferries

So, I saved this Ireland post for last!  This one is about getting to Ireland and leaving Ireland.

At the beginning of our Irish Vacation, I was convinced that it was going to be the worst vacation EVER.  We thought we would save some money (like $500+) by taking the train from London to Holyhead and then take the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin!  We also thought that it would be kind of romantic and relaxing to take a train… HA!  I may never take a train again; it was so crowded and cramped and we didn’t know where to put all our luggage.  What a HUGE mistake we made…

On the day we went from Moscow to Dublin we took:

  • 1 planeDSC00264
  • 2 taxies
  • 2 busesDSC00290
  • 2 subway linesDSC00266
  • 2 trains DSC00287
  • 1 ferryDSC00292

as opposed to just

  • 2 planes
  • 2 taxies

As you can imagine, it took all day, as opposed to arriving in Dublin comfortably around noon.  The worst part was arriving in Dublin at the Ferry Terminal and waiting for over 30 minutes in the freezing rain for a Taxi.


No wait, did I say that was the worst part??? Oh me oh my… the worst part was having Isla VOMIT all over the taxi that we took from the Ferry Terminal to our Dublin Hotel!  We accidentally missed our hotel the first time around the block, and on the second time around, Isla started making the “eat” sign.  I tried to give her food, but she would shake her head “no”… finally 20 yards from our hotel she threw up EVERYWHERE, including right into my cupped hands!  My poor kiddo, she had had it after traveling all day!  The thing is, right up until that point she was smiling and happy… sometimes having an easygoing kid can be a bad thing when they don’t tell you what is wrong!

The next day, Isla took a tumble down some stone steps (while Daddy was in charge) and totally banged up her head!  I was afraid they were going to call the Irish CPS on us…, and then there was an unfortunately incident with the rental car… a tale for another day, after all that Nick and I left thinking that maybe we weren’t a family cut out for vacations???

After we got the rental car cleared up and modified our itinerary, we managed to get a good perspective and have a blast!

That is, right up until we were set to leave Ireland, and I someone accidentally left Nick’s backpack with his work laptop and our very fancy camera at a gas station, which we did not discover until we were already at the rental car place!  I sent out quick prayer requests and thankfully Nick was able to recover it.  Incredible husband that he is, he did not say one angry or ugly word to me, even though it was obvious that he was ticked off! I would not have been so gracious.

After our first official family vacation, we have learned some valuable vacation lessons!  Next time, I think that we are going to do things a little bit differently, like just suck it up and pay more money to make things easier on Isla and always do a baggage count before we leave anywhere. Smile


  1. so that's official, we will not take the ferry to ireland when we go. air travel it is. We had been talking about the ferry, but it doesn't sound like such a great idea! you guys are troopers!

  2. Nice pics. For family vacations or to travel destinations, ferry would be the best option.


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