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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Independence Day

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday (maybe even over Christmas?), and I was going to have the Americans in the building plus a few Russian friends over to celebrate.  Unfortunately, on the day of, the power went out in the building until 8:30 PM so I had to cancel since there was no way to cook the food!

However, my sweet friend Katya still made me this amazing cake!  Isn’t it splendid? She does amazing work.


True to form, I bought Isla a special 4th of July dress months ago (I think in January).  I did dress her up, even if she didn’t have a party to go to! It’s impossible to get a good picture of her these days… she’s always moving!




Of course the bows didn’t stay on for long!



And before long, she was bringing me her dirty Princess pajama t-shirt to put on over the dress! For some reason, that’s all she wanted to wear that day. Here she is, trying to put it on herself.



My jolly little bag lady!


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  1. What a cutie!! She is such a toddler carrying around that bag!! Addison would NEVER do that. All she wants to do is look at books. She walks around ALL day (no lie) saying and signing BOOK and "read mommy". She needs to be more creative like miss isla!


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