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Monday, July 11, 2011


During our stay in Salthill/Galway, we decided to spend our full day out on the Island of Inishmore, which to quote Wikipedia is famous for “its strong Irish culture, loyalty to the Irish language, and a wealth of Pre-Christian and Christian ancient sites including Dún Aengus, described as "the most magnificent barbaric monument in Europe" by George Petrie.” We thought it would be cool to go and see, and it was… the people were a little weird though.  It must come from living on an island…

The best way to see the Island is on one of the bikes that you can rent there.  Unfortunately, the rental place thought Isla was too small for the bike with a child seat, so we were on foot for the day!  This limited what we were able to see, but that was ok as I only really wanted to see 2 things.  We could have rented a taxi or a horse and buggy, but had been driving for many days and really wanted to get out and move.

We started the visit by walking over to the smallest church in the world. It was built by a contemporary of St Patrick in the 5th century.


Only Isla was small enough to fit through the opening!


The way down… I don’t know how Nick was able to balance holding Isla because it was so steep; he managed though.


We headed back to town and ate lunch at The American Bar, it seemed fitting, but in the end it was just a tourist trap (Nick disagrees)… the food wasn’t very good. I have no idea who this goofball is.


After lunch we set out for Dun Aengus, the islands ancient fort on the edge of a cliff, that dates back to several thousand years before Christ.  We thought we could make it, but thankfully a taxi stopped us and we decided to hitch a ride.  I’m thankful we did because otherwise there was no way that we could have made it to Dun Aengus before our ferry left and I really wanted to see it.

The walk from the visitors center up to Dun Aengus.


Isla’s new favorite habit is playing with my hair!


Nick and Isla, checking out the view.


Nick needed a closer look!


It’s a long way down!


I decided to see it for myself!


Yep! It was a pretty scary cliff.


We had to keep close watch on Isla since there was no railing and she has been taking OFF lately!


Cute baby! I can’t figure out which picture I like more. She looks so prissy in her pink ruffle jacket that I picked up in Novo.


Isla checking out another little ring fort.


Here we are waiting for the ferry!  She was fascinated with a little dog that was playing on the beach.


It was a great day, and definitely worth a visit if you are ever in that area!

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  1. I have almost a year before we'll be there, but I am getting so excited!!


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