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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I like Texas

Howdy Y'all!!!

We have made it here safe and sound!!! Let me give you a quick recap of our trip here and what we've up to since we got back...

Ok, so I consider myself to be a mostly glass half full type girl. Its taken a lot of work, but remembering to be joyful always and trust in the Lord, is really a discipline! It doesn't come naturally to anyone. That being said, I was dreading the trip over here with Isla, dreading it. Its two full days of travel, in Russia time, we left at 9 AM on Tuesday and arrived in Texas at approximately 10 PM on Wednesday (1 PM Houston time), and I was by myself, and I knew that she wouldn't have a seat, and I was worried about her jet lag once we got here.

Not only was it not bad at all, I didn't realize just how enjoyable it would be to spend so much one on one time with my girl... I have to say it... she is the most delightful little person that I know! We got to Moscow Tuesday evening and stopped off at our favorite USA diner, the Starlight Diner, and shared a burger, fries, and a milk shake. Ok, maybe Isla wasn't particularly generous with the milkshake, but it was so fun. Then we had so much fun at the hotel that we stayed at... at one point she snuck up behind me an started spanking my booty! Where did she pick that up?

The plane also was not that bad for 12 hours. Even if Isla had her own seat, she would have been in my arms most of the time because that was the only way to get her sleep. I made up my mind that it was Isla's time to do what she wanted, and as long as she wasn't disturbing the other passengers, I would go along with it. I really enjoyed the time with her, although I will say that as we got to the 3 hours-to-go mark... I was really getting ancy.

Also, I have had a harder time with jet lag than Isla. The first day we were in I put her down to bed at 6 PM. She woke up once at 10 PM, went right back to sleep and slept until 7 PM. The next night I put her down at 7 PM, she woke up once, went rigth back to sleep until 7 AM. And then the last two nights she has slept all the way though. Amazing... once again, THANK YOU BABY WISE!!!! I will definitely do sleep training with my next one, to really teach them to fall into deep, deep sleep. Amazing.

Since then, I have been busy spending time with Shawna and Fin... oh my gosh, he is such a good baby! And he's past the two week mark that is the big determiner for how good babies are; he's an easy, happy little guy as long as you feed him. And Bethenny Frankel has got nothing on my sister. 3 weeks post pardum, I saw her in a bikini yesterday and she looked amazing. I tried to take her picture, and she wouldn't let me! But trust me, she is miss skinny arms, legs, flat tummy from the front and only a tiny, tiny (like maybe she just ate a big burrito) pouch if you look at her from the side. Why couldn't I get those genes?

Isla also got to play in the Splash Pad in Shawna's neighborhood yesterday. It was great. Every neighborhood should have one. Isla was so cute, and a little too adventurous! She tried to climb over the wall to get into the big kids pool.

We also met Isla's Boo one day and that was great! We were so excited to see her!!! I have been calling so many people and family members, and I am slowly getting around to everyone. I am going up to Temple to visit with her and Grandpa and Mema and Papaw on Monday. We also spent one day at the Woodlands Mall (drool). I love that mall, and I am so glad that its the closest one to my parents house.

I also finally got to see Cowboys and Aliens finally :). It was so good. I loves me some cowboys. Seriously, if I want to think and philosophize, I'll read a book, but when it comes to movies, I just want to be entertained! And this movie was perfect for that. Next up... HARRY POTTER, the final one. Nick got to see it in Dubai, and I cannot wait.

Speaking of Nick. We miss him so much! Definitely, I don't know if we can do 3 1/2 weeks without him again. Isla has been taking it hard. We cannot say "bye bye" in front of her because her face crumples and she says "Dada" because Dada went bye bye and hasn't come back!

That's all for now folks! If you haven't heard from me yet... I am slowly making my rounds.

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