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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Heart That’s Overcome

I am very concerned for my friend Alesia, who I have spoken about twice now.  She, her husband, and four children have fled Kyrgystan and the civil unrest there to try to build a better life in Russia and they are currently living off of the charity of strangers.  They are homesick, missing their friends, they have found an apartment, but still have no job.

Last night she sent me a message on Facebook.  Here is part of it, but I don’t feel right publishing the whole thing on a public forum.

Yura says that there was no God’s will for our move. For me it is so hard to think about it because I do not hear from God at all. We keep praying, Yura fasted 3 days in a row for this need and I do want to know what He wants from us, what is His plan and which way we should go.

The gilt is mine. I was not supposed to insist. But it was so hard to live in Kg. I was hoping that this move came from the Lord. But in a result we lost what we had there.

Nick and I both prayed for her and her family and I wept for them.

I called her this morning to find out what their needs are and what I could help with and I am going to go see them on Wednesday… do you know what she asked me to bring?  Sheets for her crib.  She has a little girl who is only one month older than Isla and she has been sleeping straight on the mattress!  I think of all of the love that went into making Isla’s room beautiful, and how much my heart would break if I couldn’t even give my child a soft sheet to sleep on at night.

There is much more going on with them, but there is one thing that I cannot do anything about.  Alesia does not know where her Mother is right now, she is very ill and Alesia has not heard from her in almost two weeks. 

My mother left Kg. on July 6th for Russia (she decided to go to another place till we settle down) and we still did not hear from her a word. She was very sick and I do not know what to think.

This is something only the Lord can solve.

Nick and I will do what we can to help, but they need so much more.  They need God, nearer, stronger, closer. They need to FEEL Him and His Peace because right now they are very lost.  They also need a job desperately.

I told Alesia that I don’t know God’s Will for them, but I do know that he has promised that “NEVER will I leave you, NEVER will I forsake you.”  They can rest in the comfort of that; even if it is hard right now to feel joy and peace in the Lord.

Please lift this family up to the Father!  Please pray for Alesia’s mother, pray the she and/or her husband are able to find a job, and pray that they can slowly begin to build a community here in Russia.  Pray that she finds comfort in God’s promise of a hope and a future for them.

You can read more about what is going on in Kyrgystan and why they left here.

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  1. Oh honey. My heart goes out for your friend. I am lifting them up in my prayers tonight.


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