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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Famous Ring of Kerry

We drove the Ring of Kerry on the way from Gougane Barra to Dingle.  It’s the second most visited place in Ireland.  We were originally going to stop at Skellig Michael, but we decided against it after talking to several people.  They didn’t recommend it with Isla since the cliff has some pretty narrow paths up and it can get really windy.

One day I will own a hill, and on this hill I will put little porcelain doors and mushrooms!  I mean where else will my little people live?


The drive was beautiful, if a little long.  In the end I am very glad that we did it, but I don’t think that it was any more beautiful than the rest of Ireland.


For a friend.


Our picture with Pat! Owner of the Golden Mile. Isla wasn’t so sure about him. Smile


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