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Friday, July 8, 2011

Dingle Peninsula

We spent two nights on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula!  Had I known how delightful it would be, I would have skipped the Ring of Kerry entirely in order to spend more time here.

For our full day there, we decided to just go and drive around and stop when we felt like it.

The coastline was beautiful.


We stopped off at a small hill where you could hike to a lookout point.


We spotted this beautiful beach, and we decided to go and try to find it.  We thought Isla would love the sand.


It took us a while, but we found it.  We were surprised when Isla did NOT like it!  She wouldn’t even let us put her down.  Poor baby.  I think that there were just a few too many new experiences for her on our trip.


I stilled enjoyed our time at the beach.  It was one of my favorite memories.  Don’t let the sunny pictures fool you… it was COLD on that beach!


We also had planned to stop off at Dunbeg Fort, but it was raining and Isla was asleep, so I just zoomed in and took pictures from the parking lot!  Almost as good.  You learn to flexible when traveling with a baby!


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