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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dingle Aquarium

We drug Isla all over creation on our trip to Ireland, and she was such a trooper!  We decided to switch gears in Dingle and do something just for her, so we decided to spend time at the Dingle Aquarium.

At first she was a little unsure because she had just woken up from a nap and had spent all day in the car, but she eventually got the hang of it and had a blast.

Here she is clinging to Nick at the first tank.


At the Nemo tank she finally started to take an interest in the fishies.


She loved the big turtle!


The penguin room, she was instantly mesmerized by the Igloo.


But she experienced her first bout of bullying!  This little girl would not let Isla in.


Finally the little girl left, and Nick tried to coax her inside, but at that point she was too scared to do it.  Poor baby.


Isla looking at the penguins.


After a while, she was even ok looking at the fish while NOT in Daddy’s arms.


Then she got really brave, and she even started going up the tanks on her own!


She did lots of pointing!


She also loved the “CAUTION – WET FLOOR” sign.


More pointing!


I love watching her explore new places and things!  This is the BEST age. Smile

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  1. Who wouldn't love that turtle! Looks like a perfect trip. Off to the hospital in a bit. Love you and see you soon.


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