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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bru Na Boinne

Bru Na Boinne is an ancient burial chamber that predates the pyramids by 500 years!  We got to go and see it on our last day in Ireland.  I am glad that we were able to go; it was cool to get to walk inside something that is so ancient.  Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us take pictures inside Sad smile.


Here it is… Bru Na Boinne!  The mound itself was not that impressive, but it was neat to hear about the construction of it.  It contains tons of rocks, many of them quite large, that are not local to the area and had to be brought from many miles away… not that interesting, until you consider that Bru Na Boinne predates the invention of THE WHEEL!  Amazing.


The inside was just a small room, but it was neat because the inside was actually on an incline 2 meters above the entrance and aligned perfectly with the “window” above the entrance.  The sun only shines through and lights up the room a few days a year, around the Winter Solstice!  Its so cool that they were able to get it to line up so perfectly, now that’s some amazing prehistoric engineering!


After that we headed to the airport to go home… I have one more post coming.  We were sad to be done with our vacation, but the Irish summers (brrrrrrr) made us long for the lovely weather back in our home on the Russian Riviera!

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