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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Abrau Dyurso

We are fortunate enough to live less than 30 minutes from Russia’s main wine and champagne making region, Abrau Dyurso, but I had never been able to visit it until this week, when I made two trips out there.  It is so beautiful, and I can’t wait to go and explore more!

The first trip was on Monday for a good-bye luncheon for Rena.  She has lived in Novo for 8 out of the last 9 years, and her husband Dave is retiring from Nick’s company so they are headed back to the US. 

These are just a few of the wives who moved out here when Nick and I did!  Many of the wives were traveling right now since its summer time.


Our church also planned a camping trip for Friday, which we opted out of.  It did not sound like a good idea with a 15 month old, so we decided to just come for the day on Saturday!  I am so glad we did because after only 5 hours, Isla was just about the dirtiest baby I have ever seen and I can’t imagine how dirty she would have been after 24 hours of camping.

I didn’t realize that we would be visiting right along the lake, or else I would have brought swimsuits!  Oh well, me in a swimsuit is not anything that anybody wants to see and Isla was happy enough in her diaper!  Nick also had no problem jumping in in his shorts.  It was really beautiful out there, and the only thing that would have made it perfect would be to have a little more sunshine since the day was a little overcast.

Of course Nick brought his football!


Someone also brought a boat that the kids had a lot of fun playing in… well, all the kids except for Liosha… he was so scared!  He’s awful cute when he’s scared.


Isla playing with the football.


The beautiful view.



Kissy coo!


What a scrumptious little baby!


We decided to take a little family trip out on the boat!  Isla liked it well enough until Nick decided to jump in, and then she decided that she had had it with the boat.


Isla was also not happy when we got to shore and Nick decided to leave me in the boat.


Thankfully that prompted him to come back and get me!


It was a fun day for everyone!


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  1. I tried to comment earlier, but I love what Jenn did! I'm about to get ANOTHER blog makeover myself!!!

    I'm so happy you guys are having so much fun... love reading about you and your family and that picture of Isla with the football is so cute...


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