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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Wanndering Season Begins

One of the biggest advantages to living in Russia is all of the traveling opportunities.  I plan to travel with Nick when he goes for work as much as possible… I have a feeling once Isla turns 2 and we have to pay full fair for her and we start thinking about baby #2 that we will be in a season where I will not feel like going so much!  I am taking advantage now while I have the chance.

On our calendar this year we have:

  • Ireland – June
  • Constantinople (Not Istanbul!!!) – July
  • Dubai – July/August
  • Houston (hopefully) – August
  • Italy – September
  • Scotland – October
  • Dubai (tentatively) – October
  • Houston – December – January (2 months hopefully!)

I am very excited and feel very blessed to given all of these wonderful opportunities!  Who knows what else will pop up on Nick’s calendar??? Smile


  1. I'm jealous of your travel schedule!

  2. I can't believe its ... since when am I cool enough to get to do all of this???


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