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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slight Change of Plans…

  • Ireland – June
  • Constantinople (Not Istanbul!!!) – July
  • Dubai – July/August  Houston – July/August – CONFIRMED
  • Italy – September
  • Scotland – October
  • Dubai (tentatively) – October
  • Houston – December – January (2 months hopefully!)

Dubai has been cancelled so that I can go to Houston!!! The summer flights to Houston went up by an insane amount, and I couldn’t justify spending money on both trips so one of them had to go.  Plus this way, Nick will have some fun and be fed for part of the time while I am gone.  I hate being gone for almost three weeks away from him, but since its almost two full days of travel each way, you really have to be gone that long to get two full weeks in.

I leave July 26th out of Krasnodar, overnight is Moscow, and arrive in Houston on the 27th, and then I leave Houston on the 15th of August, and arrive in Anapa on my birthday.  We are so sad to be leaving Nick, so arriving home to my love will be the best birthday present EVER!  Home is where he is.

Say a little prayer for me… I am flying the whole twelve hour flight to Houston and back with Isla on my lap!  Singapore Air wouldn’t let me book her her own seat online, and to book it over the phone was like $250+ more per ticket (adding a whopping $1750 more to the fair when  you added the extra seat plus the extra fee they tack on for booking over the phone), and I couldn’t justify that either!  I have never been nervous about flying with Isla before, but I am about this one.  I am just going to block it out of my mind.  Not to mention the time change, two weeks is just enough time to get Isla on Houston time, only to take her right back to Russia!  I must be crazy. 

But I have to see my new little nephew!  It will be so worth it.

Little Finley… Aunt Stori is coming for YOU!


  1. Houston -- YAY! I will be there for sure! We can celebrate our shared month of birthdays!

  2. Yay! I am so excited and this means SO much to me!!! I wish Nick could come too but I will not complain ... I can't wait to see you and my moo roo. Give her several kisses for me and squeeze those pudgy little thighs so she'll already be prepared to know what to expect from me :). I love you all bunches & tell Nick "Thank you!!!" for me!


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