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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Wednesday

So, I just wanted to do a quick update post to let you all know what we have been up to.

Last week we…

  • (The whole fam) went on a church picnic!  I am going to do a post for that one, but I took 350 pictures so it takes a while to sort through them and of course I have to caption them!
  • (Isla and I) went to the Safari park in Gelendzhik with our Pastor’s family and my friend Katya and her little girl Izlata!  It is a zoo, but it was pretty cool.  I probably won’t do an individual post on that one because I forgot my camera and didn’t take pictures.  I know we will go back with Nick so I can do a post then.
  • (The whole fam) went back to Gelendzhik with Katya, Igor (her huband) and Izlata, and some of their friends and walked the promenade and went to the Dolphinarium… I want to do a quick post on that one, but first I need to download the pictures from my phone.
  • (The whole fam) were also invited to our Pastor’s house for dinner!  It was great and I will do a post on that too… egad, I am so behind.

Some new things…

  • I started work again, and since I about killed myself the last time on a relatively small project, and this one is going to be big and long, I have hired a lady named Agnesa to come and help clean and watch Isla two days a week from 11 to 7.  This is great for so many reasons, but especially because she will be able to watch Isla while Nick and I take our Russian lessons on Tuesday and Friday nights.  Between Isla’s one-on-one time with Agnesa, our church, and our dear Russian friends, Isla should have enough exposure to Russian to learn it simultaneously with English!  She’s a lucky little baby.  I am always sad that she doesn’t get to do Mommy’s Day Out and have a nice time to play with other kids, but I think speaking two languages will more than make up for it.
  • Our church has been allowed back into helping the orphanage!!! Praise.  I really wanted to start going to help on Wednesdays, but unfortunately there is some concern that I being an American could jeopardize their visits.  It’s a long story, but our mainstream Protestant church is already viewed as an American cult by the orphanage directors and our church does not want to reinforce that view.  I don’t want to mess up their ministry, but could you be praying that there be some way that I could go and help out??? I am so sad, I would have loved to have gone and loved on those sweet children.

Here’s a pic (or two) of my precious little Isla.  She is frequently naughty these days, but rarely unhappy!  Its quite a winning combination, as she keeps me laughing all day long.  Today I was giving her a bath and she would throw out a bath toy at me and I would duck and we would laugh and I would throw her toy back in… well while I was ducking she picked up her hair-rinse bucket and chucked the whole thing (full of water) out… needless to say, we stopped that little game.  The jokes on Mommy! StuckBest Seat in the House


  1. Agnesa is a lucky Babushka!!!!

  2. Sounds like our lives...naughty but not unhappy. Lots of laughs...i love it! She is soooo pretty!


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