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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moscow in May

So before I jump ahead to our trip to St Pete, I wanted to do a brief post on Moscow.  I can’t believe that its already been almost a month since we got back.  I need to be a little bit quicker on the postings!

Nick had to work in Moscow for nearly three weeks straight, plus Isla needed to go and see a Doctor for her 1 year check up so we tagged along with him for part of the trip.  I know that we will have many more opportunities to visit Moscow in the future, so it was pretty low key.  I didn’t have any camera other than Nick’s blackberry at the time, so I don’t have that many pictures.

I did a lot of shopping, well looking… I didn’t buy anything but a few outfits for Isla and some gifts!  Moscow is the most expensive city in the world, believe it or not.  Luckily Nick’s company lets us use a company driver even when we are visiting Moscow, and they have car seats, so I can get around pretty easily with Isla and am not limited to walking or public transit.  Moscow has great malls, my personal favorite was the Metropolis Mall, where I ate at a very delicious TGI Fridays! 

Most of the restaurants had English menus, which is so appreciated.  You have no idea how nice it is to be able to go to a restaurant and know what is on the menu without too much guess work.  The first place we ate was the Starlight Diner, where I had the best burger and milk shake that I have ever had.  Isla enjoyed it too!


We also went to Starry Arbot, which means Old Arbot Street, where they had a large selection of matryoshkas!  I didn’t find many I liked, but it was Pawpaw’s birthday and I knew that nothing would make him happier than having a Texas A&M matryoshka doll from Russia!  We got to eat at the Hard Rock Café, which was great.


In the states, I would never have eaten at the big chain restaurants like Hard Rock Café and TGI Fridays, but we get plenty of authentic, fresh, delicious Russian and Italian cuisine here in Novo, so its nice to have a little slice of Americana!

This was the Goom mall (the fourth mall I went to), and it is just about the prettiest mall that I have ever been to.  I stole a picture off of the web so that you could see how pretty it is.


goom 1

goom 2

Unfortunately it was Russia’s WW2 memorial week, so a lot of things were closed for it, like St Basils Cathedral (although I’m told its always closed!) and the Red Square.  I also really wanted to visit the house of the Romanov boyers, but that was closed as well.  WW2 is called the great patriotic war here in Russia, and it is a huge deal, which is why everything shuts down.  Nick and I were not even allowed to cross the main street on several days eventhough most have under tunnels.  We spent over an hour go down each side street, hoping to find a way across.  To give you some perspective, the US lost roughly 300,000 soldiers, while Russia lost roughly 20 million soldiers.  The great sacrifice is still very fresh in the minds of this country, and they go all out.  It was very touching to be there and see how Russians honor their dead and the soldiers who gave everything for their country.

We did get to visit the Kremlin!  Like the Whitehouse, the Kremlin is still used daily for government affairs and administration, so there was a lot closed off there too!


Isla was very helpful in helping us figure out where to go!


Family shot!  Oh no, Isla was cut off!


We also did some lounging in our awesome hotel!  One of the nice things about traveling with Nick is that his company pays for much nicer hotels than we would on our own… but it makes such a difference.  Isla and I were well rested by the end of the trip!  We also had fast enough internet to use our Slingbox, so we got to catch up on lots of American TV!



  1. Great pictures! Are those cherry blossom trees in the mall?

  2. I think they were fake... but I can't be sure. They were pretty though!


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