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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Feet Love…

To walk!

Picnic and Isla Walks 410Picnic and Isla Walks 411Picnic and Isla Walks 412Picnic and Isla Walks 413Picnic and Isla Walks 414Picnic and Isla Walks 415Picnic and Isla Walks 416Picnic and Isla Walks 417Picnic and Isla Walks 418Picnic and Isla Walks 419Picnic and Isla Walks 420Picnic and Isla Walks 421Picnic and Isla Walks 422Right into their daddy’s outstretched arms.


  1. How precious! Way to go Isla!! Love these "step-by-step" pics...pun intended. :)

  2. love the photo progression! Yay Isla!!! Another milestone down.

  3. Good thing she waited until I left, I probably would have been squealing so loud I would have scared her to death. Definitely time to break out the video camera.

  4. AHHHH such a great series of photos!!!!! I told Addison her pen pal was walking and it must have encouraged her because all she does it walk now :)

  5. Look at her go! Can't wait to see her walk in person!


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