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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Church Picnic

A few weekends ago our church held a picnic at Anya and Alexsei’s place!  I took so many pictures, and this is just the highlights… and its still SO many that I am not even going to try to caption them all, especially the group shots, or put them in order, only a few.  Please enjoy Smile.

I will however start the blog post off with a little story about Nick.  This is him in a nutshell.  He heard that the A&A’s property needing weed-eating, so he bought a weed-eater for them at Leroy Merlin in Krasnodar and donated it to the church.  Then he got up and went a few hours before everyone to help cut weeds and mow grass so that everything would be ready for the party… what a precious man!  He has been so bummed that we don’t have a yard here because it means that he cannot do yard work, and he was so excited that he was able to get up and go and help outside in the blazing heat!  He has to be the only person I know who loves yard work… well, him and my dad, which is why they get along so well.

One major highlight: Isla and her new buddy Izlata enjoying blueberries.  It was Isla’s first time and she devoured them!  It has become her new favorite food.  I got about a million of the two of them together, but only a few turned out.  This one is my favorite.


This is Rozlan!  Oh my goodness is he adorable or what????  I want to keep him forever, but he already has an adoring Mama and Papa Smile.  He loved Isla’s toy keys and kept using them as a camera to take pictures of me taking pictures of him!

1 (2)23

Sweet Anya and precious Liosha!


Nick brought his “American” football and everyone was very sweet to throw it around with him!

American FootballBabiesBaseball

These three are all cousins!  Alexsei is our pastor’s brother and these are A&A’s two boys and one of Pastor Ilya’s boys.  We are missing little Matthew though!

Cousins 2COusins

This is my beautiful friend Katya holding her little girl Izlata!  She has been such a blessing to me.  She has no idea how much!

Cute Girls

Daddy and his girl.

Daddy & Isla SwingDaddy and Isla Swing 2

Daddy Love 2

Look close and you can see how tightly Isla is holding onto Nick!  She is such a Daddy’s girl.

Daddy Love Close Up

Isla and Izlata eating together Smile… both our girls love to eat!

Foodie Cuties

Izlata and her daddy, Igor!  He is so funny.

Igor & Izlata

Isla and Mama Katya!  When Katya is around, Isla doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Isla and Mama KatyaKiddos

I love this picture!

kissy coo

Our little madam, reclining on Katya!

Little Stinker

Rozlan again!!! His is sooo cute!!!

More Roslan

`Sweet Izlata.

Precious Izlata

Sweet Masha and her Mama.  Masha is 5, and is the funniest, smartest, sweetest little thing.  Her mom is Yana, and she was a famous singer before she came to the Lord and started attending our church!

Precious Masha & Mom

More Rozlan… he is soooo cute!  Here is handing Nick the phone.

Roslan and Nick

For Cookie and Boo.

Sweet BabySwinger 2SwingerViewVinyardWhole Shebang 2Whole ShebangYummy

The Lord has richly blessed us through our church!  They have been so kind to us, and we are so thankful for each and every person there.


  1. It looks so nice and pretty there! I am SO happy that you guys have found a wonderful church home! That makes such a world of difference when moving to a new place.
    We love you guys and miss you so much!
    Tell Isla that Avery says hi! :)

  2. Get home QUICK!!!!! I miss Isla so much!!!!! Hello to everyone at church.


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