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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brought to You by Vonage

When we moved to Russia, Nick and I signed up for a Vonage phone which is basically phone over the internet (also known as Voice Over IP).  Its pretty cool because we can keep our US number that we have had for years, talk to our family as if it were a local call, and they also included a nifty little voice messaging service where they email me the messages that people leave… here are just a few that we have received.

  • "Hey Nicholas, it's Dory and Iowa. I hope you all get this message but I'm gonna call back and I'm about 12:00 our time which I know I might be asleep. I was gonna see if y'all wanted to Skype. So I'll give it, I'll give the Skype you know, a chance around 12:00 and I I just remembered you were going to IKEA today so I I don't even know when you'll be home. So I will I will we will I will give it a try and I'll talk to you all and it's been a few hours. bye bye"
  • "Hello it's Dory here, it's Cathy. I'm going to talk real slow to see if your message. If you get my words right when it typed out. I hope you're having a wonderful time and that you had a great trip with Nick and I left and your mom. I was praying for you and for the weather and for Ireland doctor's appointment. I hope everything went. My name is Lee East. I love you I miss you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye"
  • "Hey story, this is Melody. I was just calling to see what you were up to and see if you were watching the lawyer waiting I guess I'll talk to you later. bye bye"
  • "Hey Nick, it's Dori. It's, it's Tiffany. It is 1045 here so don't think it's close to 8:00 there. So anyways just calling to say hi, Dewey again. That's it just call me whenever you get this. Bye"

Hope you enjoyed deciphering them as much we did!


Nick, Dory and Iowa


  1. It took me a couple to figure out why dori kept calling nick. :). I didn't get the Iowa until the salutation! ;). Fun!

  2. Melissa - the Iowa took me a while too, and is also what finally made me decide that these messages had to be shared!

  3. Yes, my blackberry has a function where I can use visual voicemail, but it is so terrible!

  4. I kept thinking. Poor Dori, she might read this blog and be embarrassed by her incoherent message!


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