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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What we’ve been up to…

Yay!  We finally have internet. Smile

Its hard to believe that my mom has already been here for a WEEK!  And even harder to believe that she is leaving in less than TWO WEEKS!!!  We are going to miss her so, so much, but I know that others are missing her a lot too.  I have to give a special thanks to my dad for giving her up for so long!

Now at least I know that my mom is probably the only person in the world who can travel for over 20 hours to get somewhere and be almost completely unaffected by jet lag.  No kidding.  It was like she lives on Novo time in Houston!

I had such big plans for her trip, but so far we have only done a tiny fraction of what I thought we would accomplish.  Mostly I have been showing what there is to do around town and visiting our regular haunts. Sadly we probably lost at least a day just taking care of her registration! Here is her hotel room that she is “staying” in so that she can be registered.

Church in Novo 009

And the bathroom she shares with three other rooms Smile.

Church in Novo 008

Don’t worry… she doesn’t actually stay there.  We just stop by every day for a few minutes to make an appearance.

We took Cookies shopping to our local mall and market.  We also spent a very long day in Krasnodar at IKEA.  I thought I was DONE visiting IKEA for a while… that trip wore me out, but I am already learned about a few things I forgot to get.  We have also been rearranging and reorganizing my house.

Here is Tabris; it is the nicest supermarket in our city, and lucky for us, it is only about 100 yards or so from our apartment building.


Here are my three favorite people in the world standing on the mini promenade that leads to our big promenade.


This is our favorite restaurant, if it being the restaurant we visit the most makes it our favorite!  It is close to our house and so kid friendly.  There is even a little play area for kids, and the waitresses always bring Isla toys to play with… however, kid friendly as it is, note the lack of stroller ramp.  I am so glad my Toro is light enough for Nick to carry it up the stairs (I owe a final review on that).


Isla at dinner Smile.


I got to take my Mom to our church here!  Here are some pictures of it.

Church in Novo 001Church in Novo 002Church in Novo 005Church in Novo 004

Of course Stage Cookie has been taking a lot of pictures of Isla and spoiling our girl rotten. I am going to do a post on all of my favorites once she leaves.

Spring 2011 020Spring 2011 056Old Photos 463

We have been doing a few other things that will get posts of their own and Saturday we leave for St. Petersburg!  We are going to have a blast!!!!!


  1. Great to hear from you! So glad you're having a great time with your mom, I miss my mom everyday as she lives in Colorado, so I know how you feel to have her with you.

    I can't believe how much older Isla looks and it's only been 3 weeks since your last pics. Her hair is growing in beautifully and she is starting to lose her chubby wubbiness, which is kinda sad but they all do once they start walking. She's absolutely gorgeous Stori!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT HER BLONDE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!

    SO is she walking???

    What a beautiful church too! I am so glad your mom is visiting!

  3. Andrea, it is so good to have my mom here! Also, it does seem like she is starting that transition from baby into child... she looks more and more grown up every day!

    Kelly, no she is not, but she is really liking to "walk" with you holding her hands, which she has only been doing for about a month. She is getting more confident side stepping around things.

  4. Your church is beautiful!
    Isa is getting so big! Wow! She's getting so much hair, too; I love it!
    I miss watching her grow and Avery misses her best bid :(.
    Can't wait to skype!

  5. CUTE! Addison stands herself up and takes 4 steps, but then stops. HAHAHAHA. Shes scared. Simply scared!


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