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Monday, May 16, 2011

Vanilla Update


I cropped the pictures below, but for some reason when they published they UNcropped. I'm too lazy to fix it, but you get the idea (left old bag, middle new bag, right new Grade A bag). Also I think my driver may think that we are alcholics or Vodkaholics because of all of the vodka I have been buying, I look for a new cheap bottle every time I am out... I need to have someone who speaks Russian explain the factory to him.

Also, it is going to take me a long time to go through every brand of Vodka in Russia because there are A LOT of Vodka brands here. I am going to try to sneak a picture of the Vodka aisle at Lenta the next time we go there.


I was running a little low on vanilla beans, and I asked my mom to order me some new ones off of eBay so that I could keep my factory in operation.

I assumed that I would get another bag like the one I currently have, small with about 250 beans. That would be the one below. Keep in mind that that is minus the 100+ beans that I have already used.

DSC_1063What I got was what you see below, probably 500 or so GIANT Grade B beans, and I would guess about 200 Grade A beans. All for less than $30.

DSC_1063To give you some perspective… here are all of the beans that I now have in my possession.


Yes friends, my factory will continue running for quite some time. :)

Here are all of the bottles that I currently have in production.

DSC_1066This is my favorite bottle so far. I need to take a better picture of it. Its so pretty!


I think that before I am done with this, I made have a bottle of vanilla made from every brand of Vodka in Russia!


  1. I REALLY want to do this. (sean wants me to too BONUS). I looked on ebay but I don't know enough about beans to know what to buy. Perhaps you and/or your mom could do a quick write up on what to buy and from whom. Like do you need grade A's do they taste better.

    you know i love a long vanilla post ;)

  2. This is amazing! You are such a little Martha Stewart -- RUSSE. ;)

  3. Sure! I will do an explanatory post... there's not much to explain. My mom has been doing it unscientifically for years so I will get her feedback too.

  4. My mom does this too, makes the BEST vanilla!


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