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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Story - Part 2

Ok, so I will get these out eventually!!! Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary, and I have also been working on a little road map of our marriage, and I went to publish it last night, but it just didn’t feel right.  So I am taking a break from the madness in my home, and writing this up.

Nick surprised me (and I mean really surprised me since I didn’t get him anything… which he said was perfect… I’m so thankful I have such an easy, thrifty hubby Smile) with a little tea set and some delicious fancy chocolates from Dubai as well as some beautiful, simple earrings that I can wear everyday!  I almost never wear any jewelry other than my wedding and engagement rings and my Aggie ring (A-WHOOP!), so it will be nice to have something pretty to wear on days when I am in full housewife/mom attire!

So, when last we left off during Part 1, I had just ended a relationship with someone who thought that I would date Nick, which I thought was crazy! 

Now that I have had more time to think about it, I also said to Emily “Why would I date Nick?  If I were going to date anyone, it would be Mister T (the names have been changed to protect the innocent although certain people will know exactly who I am talking about, plus Mister T makes the story a little more funny).”  Mister T was a very close friend of mine.  As I mentioned before, Nick and I were in the same circle of friends and knew each other quite well, although we were not close friends, but Mister T and I had been very close for a long time and he was also someone that I admired.  I had a feeling that something might eventually blossom there, and right around the time that I was single, he also became single, which I thought was maybe a sign.

Mister T and I started to hang out more, just as friends, but then strange things started happening.  We would make plans to get together, and then his ex-girlfriend would show up… which Mister T knew about and hadn’t bothered to inform me!  I realized that Mister T was using me to make his ex-girlfriend, who he still had feelings for, jealous!  He was definitely orchestrating some weird little game, and I am nobody’s pawn.  Its amazing how all feelings can be turned off instantly, and I knew that nothing more would ever come of that relationship.  We were still friends, but my respect for him was considerably diminished (and only continued to diminish when he turned into a total sleezeball… I have rarely been so wrong about a person).  I think God made that happen so that I would never wonder what might have been.

So now onward to “liking” Nick!  It happened on a Saturday, the day of the Big Event.  A&M’s big service day.  I had been out cleaning up a house or something like that, and I had gotten back to my house and was trying to nap on the couch.  The “trying” part must have been God, because normally I am an expert napper.

Anyway, my dear friend Henry called, Henry was Nick’s roommate and also classmate from High School.  I can’t remember if we had already made plans or if this was super spontaneous (Henry can you fill me in on the details? Thanks!), but he wanted to know if I wanted to go with him, our friend Kristen Wells nee Champagne, and Nick to Nick’s grandparent’s house in Temple, TX.  I was seriously about to back out.  Reason 1 – I was super lazy (now I am less lazy) back then, and he interrupted my nap. Reason 2 – I am not very spontaneous… but for some reason, I surprised myself and said yes! 

Its weird how you can surprise yourself isn’t it?  Why should anything YOU do surprise you?  Its YOU doing something after all, but its like the Holy Spirit just takes over your body and you cannot believe that it is your lips forming those words!  I remember that moment vividly.

So we all headed up to Temple in Nick’s white Toyota pick up truck (we just sold that truck right before we moved!  It had a lot of history for us… maybe I should try to get it back? JK).  The drive was pretty uneventful.

Mema and Papaw’s house was pretty uneventful too.  We were all good friends, and we just sat and talked.  Then we went out to the pasture and built a bonfire (we Aggies love our bonfires!) and sat around talking.  Again, the details are fuzzy… but we sort of paired off, Henry with Kristen, me with Nick and we talked for hours.  Not about anything in particular.

Then the four of us headed back to the house, and we talked some more. There was a lot of talking going on.  And I think Kristen went to bed first.  And then Henry went to bed.  And there was just Nick and I… just talking.  And like the proverbial bolt of lightning, it hit me! I liked Nick Wann.  Nick Wann.  Whoa.  Whoa! WHOA!  I didn’t want to go to sleep.  I wanted to keep talking to him.  I wanted the night to go on forever because tomorrow he might not be so interested in me and wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me!  There’s no way he would even return my feelings because he was so smart, and handsome, and athletic, and nice, and… (There will be several iterations of the above statement before we get to the part where we are happily wed).

Eventually we had to go to bed Sad smile, but I was smitten, and I thought that it was utterly hopeless that Nick would ever return my feelings.

The story of how we started dating will continue in Part 3!

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