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Friday, May 27, 2011

M-M-M-My Matryoska

We got back from St Pete last night and the movers on our their way with all of things… this means that we will have a busy, busy day ahead of us.  We had a wonderful time in St Petersburg, and I just can’t wait to blog about it, but first I have to sort through the 500+ pictures we took!

But I don’t want to leave any of you without a sneak peek at my Mom and mines new obsession… matryoshka dolls!  It is probably not a genetic thing though because our Isla, who was otherwise an angel our entire trip, screamed like a banshee whenever we tried to get near the market next to Church on Spill Blood!  She cut our shopping short each time… sigh, in the words of my mother “My only regret from our trip is that I did not buy more matryoshka dolls.” Smile

Our spoils… I think we bought even more on a later day, most of these are presents:

St Pete 2011 423

When we were in Moscow we went to a street called Starry Arbot, which was supposed to be a great place to find matryoshkas, and I was kind of disappointed because they were either very ornate or novelty types.  I didn’t see anything that I would want to keep in my home.  In St Petersburg, they had such an amazing selection of different styles, and almost all of them were hand painted and crafted there in St Pete.  They had the cheap ones of course, but so many of them were original and one of a kind.  This is the one I brought home for my personal keepsake.  I love it.

St Pete 2011 437

For Isla’s birthday, Nick wanted to buy Isla a special keepsake matryoshka, but we didn’t find anything in Moscow.  In the meantime, we bought her this Cinderella doll, and made certain to get an inexpensive one so that she could play with it.

St Pete 2011 434

In St Pete, we found this one, and I think that it is just beautiful.  The dolls are each holding a children’s toy and it is perfect for a nursery.  If the vendor had had more than one, I would have bought one for ever pregnant friend I have!  Hopefully Isla will grow to love this as she gets older and want to put it in her own baby’s nursery one day. I love the colors!  My mom has threatened to sneak both of mine home, but I am hiding them until she leaves.

St Pete 2011 435

The two that my mom bought for herself:

St Pete 2011 445

I almost bought this one from right out underneath my mom’s nose!  The lady gave the price, and my mom hesitated, and I blurted out “I’ll take it!”  My mom panicked after that, and managed to negotiate it away from me Smile.

St Pete 2011 440

I am so happy that I found such beautiful little keepsakes that will hopefully follow me wherever I go!  Beautiful little keepsakes of beautiful BIG Russia.  What a blessing that I get to live here!

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