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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jonah Days

Hello Friends,

I have without internet in our apartment since Friday, April 29th! It didn’t bother me at first so much since we left the following Monday (internet does not get fixed over the weekend here) for Moscow, and I assumed that since we had notified our landlord that it would be fixed by the time we arrived home eight days later. WRONG. Upon my mother and mines arrival back from Moscow, which was lovely by the way and I will post about that later, we found the internet in the same sad state that we left it in.  The next day the IT guy from the office came over and worked his magic and called the internet company and found out the problem and guess what??? The bill had not been paid. Our landlord was immediately informed (like it was a great surprise to him! The bill had not been paid for a while), and instead of promptly paying our bill to have it turned on he waited and waited and waited.

Me MINUS Internet EQUALS Basketcase

So right now I am sneaking over to my neighbors apartment to air it out and hook up to their internet for a few minutes.

I really thought that I could move out of the country and not have to write this post.  The negative, angry, frustrated post, but I reached my limit this past week, and at such an odd time. I thought that I would be on Cloud 9 with my mom here, but instead I arrived home totally irritated by several facts:

  • The fact that getting my mother registered here has turned into such an expen$ive and frustrating ordeal in spite of the fact that we have followed all of the rules that we were given to follow.  I can’t wait to show you pictures of the hotel she is “staying” so that she can be here legally. Oh I have so much more to say on that later. So. Much. More.
  • The fact that my internet has been out for WEEKS.
  • The fact that the jerks next to us are still putting together the interior of their apartment and all day long all I hear are sawing, hammering, nailing, that sounds like it is coming from all different directions. And it always seems to pick up during Isla’s naps, and if they don’t finish the work soon then they are about to have one angry momma beating down their door.
  • The fact that I still don’t have a working vacuum cleaner, and I have been in my apartment for almost 2 months.
  • The fact that the microwave sets all my food on fire. So convenient when feeding a one year old.
  • The fact that my sea shipment has yet to arrive, and I am tired of not having my stuff, and people who arrived weeks after us are getting their things right now (nothing against them – just the transportation powers that be).
  • The fact that my balcony is still filled over with boxes that we haven’t been able to get rid of.
  • The fact that Novorossiysk is still FREEZING, and the entire city’s heat got turned off on the first of May without regard for external temperature.
  • The fact that my apartment feels so impersonal.
  • The fact that Isla is still sleeping in a stuffy poorly ventilated closet because her room is always bright as day even after almost $500 worth of window treatments.

This was such a hard week.  It amazing how fine you can be until all of a sudden everything just hits you at once.  I know that our family will thrive here eventually, but this week was so tough.  I have always been a “count my blessings” kind of person, and even when things get hard or crazy I try to keep my eye on the bigger picture.  This week I just couldn’t do it.

But thankfully I have my mom here, and a great husband, and a beautiful, sweet, hilarious daughter (see adorable pic below - I never thought a little gap between two teeth could be so cute), and I serve a powerful God, and even when I CANNOT be all Pollyanna about something, I hate playing the victim. So some things are about to change…

DSC_1052I have made up my mind that I am just going to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner and microwave. I didn’t mind waiting for a little while if it meant getting one for free, but I just cannot wait any longer. 

My mom and Nick and I went to town with duct tape in Isla’s room this afternoon, and I am pleasantly pleased with the result. Here is a sneak preview, this is just a temporary measure for now :).


My mom and I have gone shopping a picked up a few little things that were inexpensive, but so pretty and homey. I love this clock! I looked a little bit in the states for a big clock, but I never found one I liked so much.  I also love the vase. It is made in Russia and is just beautiful.

DSC_1096DSC_1078My mom and I have rearranged the furniture a dozen ways and I absolutely LOVE the result. I will post pictures later.

Our stuff should be here either right before we leave for St. Pete or right after, not as soon as I would like, but we are in the home stretch. I’m so thankful I will have time with my Mom here to set up the house.  She is sooo good at that sort of thing, and I am not. 

And when the moving company comes to bring our stuff, they can take the boxes that we haven’t been able to get rid of.

I cannot change the weather. I cannot do anything about the construction next door. And I can’t do anything about my spotty internet.

But that’s ok, I am a very blessed girl. This too shall pass.


  1. I got SO SO SO excited to see an update on your blog!!!! I can't wait to hear how Moscow was!
    Don't worry, all of that stuff will get worked out in due time. Be glad that you guys are safe and healthy and getting to visit some awesome places around the world.
    You've been in my prayers and I know God has a wonderful plan for you guys over there!

  2. An update ... Yay!!! I've been on the lookout for one :). Moomie cannot be anymore beautiful and big. Please make her slow down until I see her again! I'm so glad that Mom is there ... She's probably the reason that you're having a meltdown over everything. I always find that I can be weaker when Mom's around since I know she'll take charge & will be my backbone. I love you all and can't wait for another update.

  3. It is good to have a confirmation that Stori is human! I was starting to question since she is ALWAYS so happy about everything. :-) I love you!

  4. The apt is looking great! Sorry its been a rough week, but again so glad your mom is there to help lighten the load!


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