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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Are In!!!

Well, we have been in our apartment since Saturday, but not long after we got into our apartment we messed up the internet.  Long story short: The internet was working, but we couldn’t access the router for wireless.  We reset the router and messed everything and it has taken 5 days to get it straightened out.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast!  Especially in Russia.

I really love this apartment.  I am so pleased with it, and Isla’s room is huge since she doesn’t have a closet, so I get to make her a little play area in there.  I am very excited about that!  I will post pictures soon.  The only thing that makes me nervous is our couch and dining room chairs are white… we’ll see how long that lasts with a baby!  She isn’t allowed to eat outside of her high chair, but accidents happen of the bodily fluid kind, things get stuck to babies when they eat and, and then there’s always markers and crayons that some how mysteriously get moved from their bins… The only major changes that I need to make are to maybe buy an few Ikea bookselves, and possibly a wardrobe/closet, and to change out Isla’s curtains.

So what have we been doing since we moved in?

Saturday we ran around like crazy trying to take care of things that we needed for the apartment, like a water dispenser since we can’t drink the water here.  Sunday we went to church and to get a few small appliances, but mostly we tried to give the driver the day off.

Then Monday, someone was supposed to come and install the curtains.  I waited all day and then finally I got a call saying that they would be here Tuesday to install our curtains at 10 am.  So Tuesday I waited until 1 pm and I called, and I was told to sit tight until 3 pm, and they would be here to install the curtains.  Finally at 3 pm, they called and said that they couldn’t come then, but would be here today at 11 am SHARP.  Thankfully they did come today to install the curtains, and thank goodness they did because we are down to our last breadcrumb here.  I was finally able to get out this afternoon after my friend came over to buy a few groceries!

Through it all, I did manage to get together with friends for tea, and also interview a babysitter to watch Isla for when Nick and I go out to dinner Thursday night.  Oh and do about 20 loads of laundry!  I have  washer/dryer combination machine, and it is pretty cool.  The engineer in me loves the efficiency of having a 2 in 1 unit.

Isla seems to really be enjoying it here, and there isn’t much that she can get into which is nice.  It has been so great just having her be able to crawl into her room and play with her toys!  She has been sleeping in our burnt orange closet since we don’t have anything on her windows, and I am afraid that she will come out of all this a t-sip… :).

We have satellite, but unfortunately we only get three channels.  2 international music channels… folks, it has been a long time since Nick and I have watched music videos with any regularity!  Can I just say that after watching Miley Cyrus, Nick and I have come to the conclusion that we are keeping our child as far away from show business as possible.  If she wants that, she can pursue it when she turns 18!  High school theater at most.

Our third channel is a Japanese channel in English, and I have to say that there are only so many episodes of “Japanophiles” that I can watch before I flip out.  Isla figured out that we have a DVR too… who knew?  I am praying that we can get our Slingbox up and running soon.  It might be difficult as by our calculations we have a data transfer rate of approximately 0.5 megabytes per second… we are going to work on that too!

But all in all, life is GOOD.  I am so happy, and so thankful for everything.


  1. hi!! Elysha and I were just talking yesterday about how we couldn't wait for an update!
    I am so glad everything is going great. Good luck with the babysitter! That will be very nice to have. I hope we can skype sometime soon. We are always connected, so just give us a ring and hopefully I catch it!
    Love you guys! :)

  2. I'm glad everything is going swimmingly in your new home! It is weird to be relying on a driver all the time?

    P.S. Secret message to Isla: Hook 'em!

  3. So glad it's going well, and you are getting settled. I'm just so excited for you guys, and continuing to pray for you all . . . and will now add the burnt orange and it's potential impact on Isla to my list. ;)

  4. SOOOO happy to hear from you. Babysitter???? Please no!! I will be there soon. Love you, mom

  5. Yay! I'm so glad that you were able to update and can't wait to see pics. It sounds like a slipcover or two wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the white furniture white! The slingbox is set up and installed in Aidens room for now, with the cords running through the hallway into the baby's room for access to the cable. Obviously that won't work in the long run so I'm hoping that Cory can atleast break out the drill so that the cables can run through the wall. I've already told him that no furniture will be on that wall when the baby's room is set up, so we might have to make a plan C on where the slingbox's final resting spot will be! I love you guys. Please kiss Isla for me and tell her not to grow an inch until I see her next time!

  6. I am so behind on reading your blog, but NOW I am caught up!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE PICS of this apartment filled with islas things and your personal touches!! I am so glad she is adjusting and it sounds like mommy and daddy are too!


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