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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things I am missing about Houston today…

  • My preggo sister, who just turned 33 23 yesterday!
  • Torrential Spring/Summer downpours that makes the whole city feel like a rain forest.
  • Sweltering heat.
  • Pine trees.
  • Malls with stores I recognize.
  • Ceramic tile.
  • Ridiculously large houses on teensy weensy lots (less time in the sun!).
  • Brown lakes.  Brown rivers.  (Who needs blue water???)
  • Dust.
  • Traffic congestion on the loop.
  • Gallery Furniture commercials.



  1. I love this list. You need to add TexMex to it, though. :)

  2. Oh, yes... there is much more that I miss. Those were just the things I was missing today! I love Houston. Also, we have TexMex here at the mall... I just can't being myself to try it! Something tells me it won't quite take the edge off.

  3. We live very close to a purported "TexMex" restaurant here, but I can't chance it. I have to savor all the memories of legit refried beans ...

  4. Smart move. Oh man... that was yesterday, today I am totally missing deep fried cheese enchiladas and chunky guacamole!


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