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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Second First Birthday

I don’t know why, but at the last minute, I decided to throw together a little birthday party for Isla on her actual birthday!  I had originally planned to just have it for Nick and I, but then I realized that that would just make me very sad.  So I decided to invite all of the people who are already here with Nick’s company.  We have all been slowly getting here over the past month or so, except for one couple, Rena and Dave, who have lived here 9 years.  There are still a few more families that we are waiting on.

The day of her actual birthday as luck would have it, I got one of the worst migraines that I have had in a long time.  It was bad, but I was determined to go through with the party.  Nick was wonderful as always, and took over picking up the cakes (mille-feuille and marquise, yum yum) that I had ordered earlier in the week as well as some balloons (that somehow managed to escape from him as he was getting out of the car, ha!) and a few other things.  My friend Jenny watched Isla for me for a little while, and then Rena and Annie (our babysitter) came and helped with Isla and food preparation.  Rena brought me this amazing OTC medication from the UK called Migraleve Pink (it has codeine), which I took about an hour before the party.  I took the the Migraleve and laid down for about an hour, and when I got up, I felt great!  I don’t get migraines that much since I quit working, but I can’t really implement my usual method of coping since I have a baby now.  I need to figure out something.  This one was bad, and the symptoms continued after the medication wore off and lasted until just a few hours ago.

The best part of the day was all of the phone calls that we received from friends and family!  Thank you thank you thank you all!!! :)

The party was simple, just pizza (our driver had a “guy” – its so crazy having a driver, but they know how to get things done and are so helpful in a town where you don’t know the language!), cokes, and two delicious cakes.  I think everyone had a good time, even though it was extremely low-key.  We are all still getting to know one another, and I am hopeful that we will all become good friends.

These are the best pictures that I got of the crowd, boo!  I am so mad that I didn’t think to take more pictures of everyone who attended.  Understandably, my focus was mainly on Isla.

Bad Everyone 2 Everyone Bad

This is my friend Monica!  She broke a bone in her foot, and has been traveling to Moscow and the UK to get it taken care of, and just got back here last week.  I was so glad that she could come, and I am sure she was happy since she has been cooped up in her apartment for the past week.  We keep thanking her for testing out the medical processes here! :)

Monica and Paul

This is the Salas family!  Jenny is very sweet and we have gone shopping a few times this week.  Her little boy Matthew is just a doll, and keeps bugging Jenny to let him come over and play with Isla. :)  He tried to hold her hand in the car the other day and it was the cutest thing.

Sala Family

Isla and her other play pal… Miss Macy :).  We are working on the puppy sign.

Isla and MacyAnd now to the birthday girl!  She was good as gold, of course.  She seemed a little confused at first when everyone started singing Happy Birthday to her, but of course she quickly realized that all eyes and attention were on her and she LOVED it.  She is such a little people person and is at her best when she has an audience.

Yay, at least these balloons didn’t escape!!!BIRTHDAY GIRL

What’s this? candle 4

For me?candle 3

Why are all these people singing to me?candle 2

I like all this attention!candle 1   

Matthew helped her blow out her candle.  Of course I let her dig in a get dirty.  She really enjoyed her cake!

Yum YumYummy CakeYYYYum Cake

We had a quick wardrobe change and before we got to presents.  Here is Isla with Dave.  She loves Dave and loves to play with him!  I think he’s fond of her too. :)

Dave and IslaHi Matthew!  Check out my super cool ball. (Please excuse the way I look… with the migraine I was just happy to be at the party!)Isla and Matthew  Wrapping paper!  My favorite.Opening Presents Thanks Rena!Presents  Isn’t my Wheelie Bug cool???Wheelie Bug 1 Wheelie Bug 2I am so thankful for all of the people who attended my little party!  It really meant a lot to me that everyone who was invited came, and I hope that everyone had a good time.

Now, tomorrow I am going to post Isla’s one year post with a picture of her in her Texas A&M bow!  And since I am borrowing my friend’s camera, pictures of the apartment.


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  1. Sweet little birthday girl!! Did she wear her tutu? So sorry about your migraine, I had a bad one last week, just boom in the middle of the night. Love you lots, see you soon.


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